Oh man

Well this is embarrassing.

I forgot Friday was a weekday. Yup. Just forgot.

I didn’t even register that it was still a day during the week once I got home last night. I pretty much shut my brain off for the weekend. That may prove to be a problem for later this weekend when I need to think.

Too late for worrying about it now. Time to go watch championship college football games.

In apology for forgetting you last night, I leave you with a picture of a kitten. You’re welcome.


Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(American) Football Season!

I’m excited.

Football season is upon us. My weekends will now be full of what has become the new favorite sort in America. This is probably my favorite sports time of year.


Football (Photo credit: The Malones)

Most weekends will now be full to the brim with Football. Fridays are High School Football. The area in which I live is a BIG Football area. Lots of games to choose from, or I can just go to the closest one, which happens to be The Wife’s alma mater.

Saturdays are full of College Football. Games start around noon EST, and go pretty much the rest of the day. I rarely miss my team, THE Ohio State University Buckeyes. I will sometimes go nuts and watch lots of other Football too.

Sunday is usually bittersweet. Between my Cleveland Browns being… well the Browns, and my Fantasy Football team frequently disappointing; I’m excited for Football Sundays but I typically end up annoyed by the end of the day.

Who cares what happens? This is Football season! That means cookouts, campfires and Football parties. It means cool weather, crisp air, and outdoor sports. It’s all the best parts of Autumn combined with friends and Sports.

Definitely my favorite time of year.

Tomorrow it begins

Tomorrow begins the gladiator season.

American football player in action with ball

American football player in action with ball (Photo credit: yago1.com)

Football. Probably more accurately HandEgg. Full of carrying and throwing and uncontrolled violence.

I may write a post about the nature of HandEgg later. It’s been a controversial topic of sorts recently. There’s been a lot of talk about concussions and safety and long term effects of the sport on its players.

I’ll need some time to organize my thoughts, but I think a full post about it is well in order.

Until then, I’ll be enjoying the brightly colored and exciting violence tomorrow along with lots of other people.


I Dit It!

Saturday, Nov. 19th was my 13th straight day of working 8 hours or more.

I’m not looking for a pat on the back or anything, but I suppose I wouldn’t mind one.
In reality, I’m just tired. I’m glad that I have tomorrow off, and then Thanksgiving is next Thursday.

I’m very excited for Thanksgiving. I’m excited because it means a few days off in a row, but I’m also excited for the inevitable plethora of delicious food. You should be jealous. Thanksgiving dinner at my In-Laws is always delicious.
Also of great importance, is football. I haven’t seen a football game in quite a few weeks.
I know that as a Cleveland Browns fan, I haven’t really been missing much, but I still want to watch it.
Aaaaand now I’m excited for football


Odds & Ends

Just a few disconnected things today.

You might have noticed that there’s no exceptionally long and overly descriptive title up there. I decided that I could include my additional description when it shows up on Facebook/Twitter. If it’s really killing you that I changed it, I can change it back. I was trying to to make it a small paragraph at the top of every post.

My next thought is that I’m beginning to think that I might enjoy coaching. I could be VERY wrong. I might not be any good at running practices. Maybe I wouldn’t handle the excessive amount of game planning that is required at the higher levels.

I just know that I get excited when I get to discuss the ins and outs of football and basketball like specific plays and schemes and the like. Maybe I’ll volunteer someplace with someone I know and find out if I actually like it or not. Maybe I’ll add it to my list of things that would be cool, but aren’t the best idea.

I suppose I might have had something else that was floating around in my head, but it seems to have dissipated.


Here We Go Chocolate Desserts, Here We Go! Woof Woof! (In Which I Desire A ‘W’)

I really, really want the Brownies (see what I did with the title there?) to beat Oakland tomorrow.

I’ve got nothing personal against the Raiders. I just think that after the ridiculous game 2 weeks ago, and the terrible bye week filled with made-up news and sensationalist reporting (thank you national sports media), our Cleveland Browns could use a win to gain some of their confidence back. Notice I didn’t say ‘regain their swagger’ because ‘swagger’ and ‘swag’ have become so overused in sports in the last year and a half that it hurts my soul a little every time I see it used non-ironically. I actually think it’s a decent term, but like everything else in this age of facebook, Twitter, and minute-to-minute media coverage of ever minutiae, it got overdone in about 25 minutes.

For good luck I shall put my prefered Browns imagery here:


Copyright Cleveland Browns

That’s right,Brownie the Elf. He will kick your ass.