Adulthood sucks.

Straight up, being an adult sucks.

Sucks Less with Kevin Smith

Sucks Less with Kevin Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There isn’t much that adequately prepares you for the royal pain in the ass being an adult is. People think that they can go out of their way to “prepare you for the real world” but mostly it’s all crap. It just isn’t possible to simulate the flurry of shit that comes towards you on a daily basis.

School doesn’t prepare you for work. Summer jobs don’t really give you a sense of what will be expected of you later. It’s really a trial by fire kind of situation. Some of us are really pretty terrible at it.

Some of us just aren’t all that capable of handling the multiple stressors of all the things that happen in everyday life.  Some of us get to a point, far sooner than everyone else, and we just kind of shut down. It becomes hard to do anything because all of our energy got used up just trying to keep our heads on straight long enough to make it though part of the day.

Some of us end up spending more than half of the day walking around like a zombie because we’re just done. The only energy we have left is being used to keep us upright and functional. That’s it. that’s all we’ve got left.

Sorry if that means we look sad. Maybe you think we’re in a bad mood. Maybe we just don’t engage the way you’d like. Well, there’s not always anything that can be done about that. I’d say you’re lucky we’re able to move around in the world and not just crumble into a heap on the floor.

Sorry to vent, but at the moment there isn’t a lot of fire left in this boiler room. There’s a lot of treading water going on right now. You know it’s bad when you can’t make it to lunch time before you’re done for the day. I suppose we just keep trudging through, right?

I’ve been hiding, I know.

Sorry that I’ve been hiding from you all.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit busy and sporadic with my posts. I’m sure no one is all that upset. I do feel a little bad, however.

I really try not to just write and wait for people to stop by. I try to be friendly and read as well as write. I love getting comments and having conversations and I’m sure you all do too. I really try to read a lot of what people post and I make an effort to comment when I have something to say. I have really been slacking on the reading part.

I have not been taking much time to read what you lovely people have written recently. For that I am sorry. I don’t want to be a blog-vampire. All taking and no giving. That is definitely not my intent.

I don’t want to make any excuses, but if you want a reason it’s simply because I have been busy. I haven’t taken the time out of my busy-ness to do much reading. I hope to be able to do better in the coming weeks. Work tends to get crazy this time of year, which means home gets crazy as well. So no promises, but I will make an effort.

On that note, I’m going to finish a couple things, and then go to bed early since I now have to go in to work tomorrow.

Freakin’ Seriously?

What did I tell you?

I had to work late again tonight. I’m pretty tired as it has been a long week. I went to bed about 10 minute early last night. No ill effects. No real bonuses to sleep either.

I was working for about 12 hours. I came home and sat down to eat some dinner and watch a little TV. I decided to turn on the end of the baseball game. Extra innings.  So I change the channel and come back later. Still going.

At this point it’s about 10 or 10:15. I can barely stay awake. Tonight, I’ve got some things to check on, so I was planning to stay up until my usual time. Yet, I’m dozing on the couch.

This is ridiculous. I’m just going to sleep for like 12 hours both nights this weekend. I’ll show you Circadian Rhythm and Biological Clock.

English: inside one bedroom

English: inside one bedroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Is It Nap Time Yet?

I feel like it should be nap time by now.

I woke got up his morning, and I was definitely not awake. I’m still pretty much only half awake. While I pride myself on being able to make it through the day only using a fraction of my mental capacity, it would really be nice to have it all available. It currently is sitting in the back of my mind, curled up in a  comfy chair wearing pajamas drinking tea, doing a cross word and Sudoku. When I attempt to address it, I simply get scoffed at and ignored, and then My Mental Capacity goes back to his crossword.

Typically, I spend the majority of my day mentally coasting through, with the occasional glance to Mental Capacity where he chimes in with some grand insight, then goes back to work on other pursuits. Normally he’s sitting at a desk, in a 3-piece suit. Jacket off, reading glasses on sleeves rolled up, clearly working on something requiring great attention. He is of the opinion that we are more important than we are. It’s with his urging that I declared myself a genius.

The biggest problem is that My Mental Capacity is an all-star, while My Motivation, and My Physical Ability are more like people who’s mother pays for their friends. Motivation has never been particularly adept. He tends to be good at finding ‘reasons not to’ as opposed to ‘reasons to’. That’s not a good look Motivation. At some point he should probably get out of his robe and bunny slippers(even if they are awesome Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers). Physical Ability is just a guy with ADHD that can’t focus on anything long enough to build up sufficient skill at it. The poor guy just isn’t all that good at anything.

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers (Photo credit: Megan Taylor)

I need someone to pay me to just give them ideas. Is this a thing? Would people pay me copious amounts of money to just give them ideas? I feel like they should.


Yet again, I’m weird

So yesterday was a little weird. Sorry about that. I started off talking about how I don’t want to only write sad stuff, or be too deep all the time and ended up talking about the scientific viability of certain Zombies.

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got to thinking about that whole thing this morning. It led me down the path of wondering if I post too often. If I post something every day, do I run out of ideas? Is yesterday what happens when I’m out of ideas? Should I think about posting less often so that I can always be thoughtful about my posts?

As usual, I’m the weird one. I decided that writing less would actually result in less ideas for me. I know this seems counter-intuitive(let’s face it, I’m like a definition of counter-intuitive,) but I promise you that it isn’t. I really thought about this,m so stick with me.

I started writing here to process things. Lots of things. I tend to be an out loud thinker. I almost always get better results when I talk through something. Sometimes I have entire conversations talking at someone, come to a conclusion and they just nod and say “Yep, sounds good.”I imagine that makes for some frustrating interactions. Sorry about that. One of the ways I process all of these different things is by just coming here and typing. What happens happens.

I also realized that if I posted less frequently, I would find a way to procrastinate my posting in such a way that any schedule would be pointless. I would rationalize not posting on time. Telling myself I’m going to post every weekday gives me a little bit of leeway for exactly what time, but not for what days. I only skip when I literally run out of time and can’t get to it or forget, or if I’m out of town or otherwise unable to get to the computer. If I were to tell myself I was going to post 3 times a week, I’d probably end up slapping 3 crappy posts up on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that none of you would be interested in.

Writing here is important to me, and a good way to make sure I keep it a priority is to have the posting schedule of one post every weekday. I’m going to stick with that. Will it occasionally result in zombie-talk? Probably. Will some posts be sad? Yep. Will I continue to be off-the-wall, mostly unpredictable and unabashedly strange? You bet.

If that’s your cup of tea, stick around. We like tea. Tell your friends. Invite them too. The more the merrier.


Any specific timetables or routines with blogging that make you a better blogger?

But I don’t WANT to be Debbie

While I was planning my post for the day, I realized that most of my recent posts have been a little on the sadder or melancholy side. I’m not actually that down at the moment. I felt like I was being a Little Debbie Downer(see what i did there? Little Debbie? Debbie Downer? Fine don’t laugh. I haven’t had any coffee yet, I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt.)

I really enjoy writing the way that I am right at that moment. Sometimes that means I write sadder stuff. Sometimes it’s more a thought provoking type of post. Sometimes it’s just plain weird. It’s always me, though. Since I don’t feel like I wan’t to write anything sad, I want to write something funny!

There’s a problem here. As much as I like to think that I contain the original seed of everything that is funny, the spark where all humor in the universe comes from, inside me like Optimus Prime‘s Matrix of Leadership, but I know that’s not true. I’m not super hysterical like I imagine I am. That’s ok.

I still think I’m funny. I’m also sort of getting to the point where if I think I’m funny, that’s all it takes for me to be funny. There’s a small flaw in this: When you’re funny, you say and do funny things when other people are around. If those other people don’t find you amusing, you’re kinda stuck. Whatever. I’ll deal with that when I get there.

So now I have to find a way to put something funny and happy-inducing here for you guys today. I want to be a bringer of smiles today.



This is harder than I thought. Apparently, I don’t have anything all that amusing to say. Well this is embarrassing. Uh….


Okay, I know zombies have been overdone recently, and I don’t want to add to that. but I feel like the living dead have been horribly misrepresented lately. I like zombies. I’m a fan. I don’t always watch some of the older zombie movies because I may like them as a concept, but seeing them paw through someone’s internal organs isn’t something I need to see illustrated in graphic detail.

Cover of "Shaun of the Dead"

Cover of Shaun of the Dead

In the interest of giving you about as family-friendly an example as I can, while still pointing out my preferred undead characteristics, I’ll reference a movie from a few years back: Shaun of the Dead.

Even though it’s a humorous take on the genre, I think it really showcases a lot of the things I appreciate about those adorable little brain munchers.

Zombies should be dumb. Like really dumb. Having trouble distinguishing zombies from people and inanimate objects dumb. Being as zombies should be animated corpses, there should be no mental processing. They should just be a mobile corpse.

Zombies should be slow. They are just mobile corpses. No running. They are driven by a desire to eat some brains. Not all of their muscle attachments are intact. Slow, plodding, shuffling, untiring things.

Zombies should be strong, but fragile. Again with the muscle attachments. Their musculature may or may not be well-functioning. Kind of depends on the amount of muscle tissue left. If there’s a lot there, they should be stronger than a human of their size because they don’t have the same restrictions on movement that a human being would. They should also be fragile. With all that exposed bone and possible lack of musculo-skeletal integrity, I would think it would be hard to keep it together.

Those are my big things. Part of the discomfort that zombies provide is based on the inevitability of fate they introduce. They WILL keep coming for you. If you don’t get away or keep moving, the WILL catch you. If they catch you, they WILL eat you. If they bite you, you WILL become one of them.

This whole zombies can run and zombies are predators crap has just left a sour taste in my mouth. I can understand that certain mediums might need to take some artistic liberties. putting fast zombies in a video game can make it more interesting. Real zombies are slow though.

Well then. In an effort to not be melancholy, I ended up telling you why my zombies are the best. Apparently, I favor a more ‘based in science approach’ Who knew?

That seems accurate. Totally me.


Are you funny? Do other people agree? How do you feel about zombies?

That would figure


Medicine (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

So remember the other day when I had a sore throat?

Guess what? Full blown cold of some sort. Nose, throat, cough. That, is just super.

The only thing more obnoxious than being sick in the winter, when everyone else is sick? Is being sick all by yourself during the summer like a freak.

I may think that summer is a stupid season. I may despise the sun and his heated UV rays. I may hate mowing the grass. The one thing summer has going for it(usually) is that I don’t have to have a cold every month, or the same one for 2 months. That’s like the ONLY thing summer is good for(except baseball, pools, sitting by the water. Ok good for a couple of things. Sue me.)

So now I’m sitting here sniffling and snuffling, coughing and sneezing like it’s freaking January.

On a brighter note, on the way home yesterday, there were some WICKED AWESOME clouds. It was a cloudy/rainy/stormy day yesterday, but it broke up early enough that the crazy clouds were there with the sun shining through. There was this cool one that looked like a black waterslide. It was shaped exactly like that, and it looked glassy smooth.

There were a lot of them that looked exactly like cotton batting. The way that they were lit from the southwest and above gave so many of them such distinct edges. Having the dark undersides just added some richness to the stark white clouds, crisp blue sky and soft golden light of the evening.

At least I have to mow tonight.