Missed it

I did skip writing on Friday.

I think that until I’m able to write in the morning like I prefer, I’ll probably be missing Friday evenings. I promise you, it’s not because I have something important to do.

I’m generally pretty much a homebody. I like to come home, get comfortable and just be. I don’t have a whole lots of drive to get up and go out just for the sake of being somewhere else.

Red sofa

Red sofa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t mind going places with people, or going over to friends’ houses. I just don’t particularly care for any event with no agenda. ‘Going for drinks’ or ‘going to the bar’ or ‘going drinking’ does’t really hold much appeal for me. I’ll meet people for dinner at a bar. I don’t care in the slightest if we go to the bar to watch a sporting event.

The main thing is, I want there to be something more to me going someplace than just drinking. It bores me when that’s the only planned activity. I would much rather go to dinner, or listen to some live music, or watch a movie with friends. I digress.

I pretty much turn off for the evening when I get home Friday. I tend to put off writing because I treat Friday night like the weekend, and I don’t write on the weekend.

So, until I can be on my preferred schedule, Fridays are probably out.

Other’s Creativity

Other people’s creativity is fascinating to me.

I’ve always been a creative person. It was just something that has manifested in different ways over the years. I’m still not entirely convinced that I’ve found the best outlet for it.

I always had an excellent imagination. I could pretend with the best of them. I had a cousin that was pretty good as well. She and I had a lot of good times.

I never had a lot of friends though. I always kind of found it hard to connect with other children. I wasn’t completely anti-social or anything, I just found that I would often prefer to read by myself, or play video games by myself. Those two things aren’t interesting to do with other people.

woman playing Duck Hunt video game, lightgun

woman playing Duck Hunt video game, lightgun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a few close friends now, and even more acquaintances that I see somewhat regularly. The people that end up close with me usually share a special something. Passion.

Passion for something. I have a great friend who is a crazy creative like me, a video game nut and and amazing artist. We both have a passion for creative works and good video games. I have another friend that exceptionally passionate about good food, the intricacies of American Football an Basketball, and it a great friend and family guy.

The point is, I don’t get close to a lot of people, but I’m still able to admire their creativity from afar. WordPress and Tumblr have made this even easier. Hooray Internet!

I can pretty much search for anything I want and find stories, drawings, and discussion about it. It’s truly amazing.

So Thank you. All you creatives who have carved out a little corner of the internet. you claim it as your own, but let us sometimes peek inside to see what you’ve been working on. Thank you.


It’s like a puzzle more often than not.


Puzzle (Photo credit: seaan)

There’s a lot of times life is like a puzzle. sometimes it’s a big puzzle that takes days to complete. Sometimes it’s a lot of smaller, faster puzzles. Sometimes pieces are missing and you have to make your own.

Puzzles are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Some people put them in the same category as games. They can be devilishly frustrating. Life often mimics these exact qualities.

The trick is to remember that every experience might be part of a larger puzzle, or it might be it’s very own little one. Regardless, finishing that part of the puzzle allows you to move on. It can keep you centered, and keep you from veering too far off course.

You hear athletes talk about it in almost every sport. They say “It’s a long season. You just have to stay even-keeled. You can’t get too high or too low.” That applies to life as well. Staying in the middle can balance out those highs and lows.

Sometimes the puzzle piece seem to be working themselves out. That can be a great feeling. You can’t forget that there’s another little puzzle just around the corner. You can’t get too excited about the one little piece that works.

There’s an end to a puzzle coming up. I can see the pieces laid out. There’s another one waiting in the wings.


It’s spelled just like escape. Es cop ay…

Books, movies, stories, and video games all transport us somewhere. We all have certain ones we enjoy, and we all enjoy certain types. Our reasons are different and they are the same. Escape.

Whether it’s escape from the sadness and frustration of the everyday, or whether it’s just the only place you can be yourself. We all like to escape sometimes.

I feel out of place almost everywhere. There’s a lot of different reasons, but the important part is that I’m always ┬ájust a little off. Stories of all type let me have a place to be.

Sometimes I just get involved in those people’s world. Sometimes that’s enough. Other times I want to be involved and play a part in the story. That’s when I like to play games.

Never do I feel as at home as I do when reading a fantasy story. One of the great epics like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The world is so alive and vibrant and I can’t help but be spellbound. That’s where I feel at home. When I’m spellbound by the tales of wonder and bravery.

Tolkien's Cover Designs for the First Edition ...

Tolkien’s Cover Designs for the First Edition of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not scared to admit that I wish I were as strong as they are. I wish I were as upright and brave. I wish I were as steadfast, honorable and daring.

Most days I’m just a person. Moving through this modern world trying to keep from failing. People are built to push and strive, not avoid consequences. It’s a sad reality that these days, there are no great quests. Just trips to the coffee shop and saving money for a retirement that may never come.

One day I hope to have a real adventure. Maybe it will be when I’m Eleventy-One. Maybe it will be tomorrow. All I can do is wake up, get ready for the day, and open my door to the world.

I bought it, I want it

I think I should get multiple versions of things I buy.

I know I might be being a little greedy here, but I’m not a fan of buying the same thing multiple times. this applies to all sorts of things. Books, Movies, Music, Games. When I buy something, I really would prefer it to be available to me in any format that it’s available. If I bought it for my computer, I would really like to also have access to the mobile game. If I buy the DVD, I should get a digital copy too.

Some companies do this, and I appreciate it. I find myself getting more and more frustrated when it doesn’t happen.I understand why someone might want me to pay for a book and then pay separately for the e-book version. Two different sets of benefits and detriments involved, so it’s almost as if their different items. I get it. Doesn’t mean that I want it any less.

As it stands, every media purchase becomes a serious decision. Which version do I buy? Is one less costly? Does one come with extra stuff? Which place might I be most likely to use this the most often. It’s crap.

Speaking of crap, exclusive content. Target does it with songs on CDs. iTunes does it with songs. Video game publishers do it with pre-order bonuses. Again, I call bullshit. It’s one thing to have tracks that are included when you purchases something from a certain place, or offer special content when a game is pre-ordered, but most of these bonuses are unavailable elsewhere. So you’re telling me that to get all the possible content, I have to buy the item I want more than once? How is this fair?

The video game ‘Borderlands 2‘ Did pre-order content right. They offered extra content for people who pre-ordered. Then after the game was released, they soon made the pre-order content available to everyone. As DLC that costs money. I’m fine with this arrangement. I can still get the extra thing, even if I have to pay extra for them. Some people didn’t have to pay extra because they committed to purchasing a game before it was released. This seems fair.

Borderlands (video game)

Borderlands (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The same goes for console exclusive games. I own a machine that plays video games. I own several. Why can I not play games that exist? Why should I have to buy a special handheld/console for maybe one game I’m interested in? I don’t have that kind of extra cash.

Ok, I’m done venting. I promise. I jut got a little testy while seeing some new things coming out soon.

4 Things My Childhood Screwed Up.

I thought a short list might suit me today. So, here we go!

This week's plan to do list

This week’s plan to do list (Photo credit: the green gables)

Things my childhood ill-prepared me for:

1) Relationships do NOT happen like Disney movies.

Not every woman wants to be treated like a damsel-in-distress every minute of every day. They do not need you acting upon what you think is best for them all the time. They don’t appreciate the assumption that your job is to fix all their problems. They do not sing their feelings. Most importantly, it does not always end well. Some relationships just aren’t meant to be. It doesn’t always matter who loved whom how much. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

2) School is nothing like work.

About the only thing that school and work share, is the fact that you don’t get to choose when to go, when to leave, or what you’re doing. The rest of it isn’t even remotely the same. School is very structured and task-oriented. Work isn’t usually like that. You usually have 6 things to do, all of which needed done yesterday, and no one is ever happy with the result. Nearly every project is like a group project where you have to do all the work. If they graded work, we would all fail.

3) No one has the same group of friends forever.

I blame sitcoms. Especially the ones aimed at young adults. They told me I would have 3-5 friends and we would be the best group ever, all the time. Not so. People grow up, things change and everyone goes their separate ways eventually. There’s no reunion show where everyone meets up and it’s just like old times.

4) Not every situation requires a hero.

Every book, Movie, TV show and Video Game told me that I was the hero. I was good at everything. It was my job to save the world! Sometimes, it’s just your job to clean the fuzzy shit out of the brush bar on the vacuum. Sometimes, it’s your job to dump spoiled milk down the drain. Sometimes you spill hot water on your bare feet and burn them. Not every situation is glamorous, and you can’t always be a hero.

I’m sure there are more things but I realized reading a different list this morning that my childhood lied to me a lot.

Anything your childhood didn’t adequately prepare you for?