Missed it

I did skip writing on Friday.

I think that until I’m able to write in the morning like I prefer, I’ll probably be missing Friday evenings. I promise you, it’s not because I have something important to do.

I’m generally pretty much a homebody. I like to come home, get comfortable and just be. I don’t have a whole lots of drive to get up and go out just for the sake of being somewhere else.

Red sofa

Red sofa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t mind going places with people, or going over to friends’ houses. I just don’t particularly care for any event with no agenda. ‘Going for drinks’ or ‘going to the bar’ or ‘going drinking’ does’t really hold much appeal for me. I’ll meet people for dinner at a bar. I don’t care in the slightest if we go to the bar to watch a sporting event.

The main thing is, I want there to be something more to me going someplace than just drinking. It bores me when that’s the only planned activity. I would much rather go to dinner, or listen to some live music, or watch a movie with friends. I digress.

I pretty much turn off for the evening when I get home Friday. I tend to put off writing because I treat Friday night like the weekend, and I don’t write on the weekend.

So, until I can be on my preferred schedule, Fridays are probably out.

Lost a Day

I definitely lost a day today.

Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with...

Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with marker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was pretty out of it this morning when I got up. I was tired and didn’t really want to move. So I curled up and tried to spend some time waking up. This obviously result in me dozing back off for a few minutes. That did not help my sleepiness.

I kind of went through getting ready for work in a zombie-like fashion. Slow movements, very little thinking. I’m not usually quite that bad, but it was rough this morning.

Then I got to work and started my projects. Everything seemed to go okay. At least, everything seemed okay until around lunch time. I realized that I didn’t know what day it was. I was completely lost. I had no idea the day of the week, or the date, or the month. completely lost on what I was doing.

Later, my brain somehow had decided that no matter what the truth was, it kind of felt like a Friday. So it must be Friday, right? Incorrect. It’s definitely Thursday. Everyone knows it’s a rookie mistake to think that your Thursday is a Friday. It just makes you disappointed for the rest of Thursday, and keeps you from enjoying your Friday because it feels like an extra day.

So I’m hoping I’m a little more coherent tomorrow. No promises, but I can try.

Oh man

Well this is embarrassing.

I forgot Friday was a weekday. Yup. Just forgot.

I didn’t even register that it was still a day during the week once I got home last night. I pretty much shut my brain off for the weekend. That may prove to be a problem for later this weekend when I need to think.

Too late for worrying about it now. Time to go watch championship college football games.

In apology for forgetting you last night, I leave you with a picture of a kitten. You’re welcome.


Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So Old

Turkeys in Folsom

I’m definitely getting old.

I get sleepy super early. The problem with this is, If I go to bed too early, I wake up way earlier than I need to be up for work. This in turn makes me sleepy earlier. You can see my dilemma here.

It also make nights like tonight very frustrating. I still have things that I want to do tonight, but I am very sleepy. I have to fight being tired, just to do a few things, so I also will not be too tired tomorrow.

this happens quite a bit, and definitely on Fridays in particular. A long week really contributes to my being wiped out. That’s why my Friday posts are usually short and occasionally pointless.

So I’m off to try to figure my next hour or so out. Likely I’ll continue fixing my tablet that I somehow screwed up(which makes me feel like a computer hacker, so not all bad.) Maybe watch a little TV. I know it’s only Wednesday, so sorry for the Friday quality post.

Happy Turkey Day tomorrow! Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Well, Uh…

This is embarrassing.

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry! (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Right after I post about making my 200th post and being dedicated, I miss a day. Sort of.

I was trying to post on Friday, and we’ve been having internet issues here. Not an excuse, I know. I’m a technologically inclined fellow and could post from my phone.

I prefer writing from my computer though. I feel like it’s easier to make sure I’m writing something coherent and not just a long text message.

So here I am, early Saturday morning, posting about how I missed a post after posting about  my consistent posts. Meta. Post-ception.

So anything I was going to write flew right out the window. I just thought I’d point out the delay now that the internet is working again. Right before I go to bed. Now that I don’t need it anymore.

Well boo.

I was doing so well…

I was on a really good run of getting on and posting before mid-morning here in the U.S. I was ON it. Then Friday happened.

Film poster for Office Space - Copyright 1999,...

Film poster for Office Space – Copyright 1999, 20th Century Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got this mental image of my sitting down to write like some sort of “imaginary office.” In my brain, it’s as if me sitting down here, wherever here happens to be, as a man in business casual sitting down at a desk with a cup of coffee. Like he’s getting ready to go to work. When I get all straightened around and start thinking about writing early, I feel like I’m coming in at starting time and just getting down to business. When I don’t get around to writing until the afternoon(like today) or even sometimes in the evening, I feel like ?I’m some creepy hungover guy stumbling into work, unshaven, with my robe still on, and just hoping that I can get enough work done that no one will notice that I showed up late and left early.

I have to imagine that I don’t help my case by trying to write while at my actual job. It’s not an issue of hiding it from anyone here(actually currently writing at work), but more that no one cares if I’m writing as long as other work gets priority. Some days, I have a lot of things that get priority. If I were able to get myself writing before work, I wouldn’t run into this issue. The counterpoint to that being that things wrote before I am completely awake might be slightly less than stellar. I don’t want to be less than than stellar. I want everything we talk about here to be completely outstanding!(Yeah. Right.)

Oh well. Such is life. We can’t all plan our days out to go exactly like we want. There’s always going to be something that pops up and ruins all of our carefully laid plans.


Do you have a preferred writing time? Why?

Well That Was Unexpected

I apologize for that.


Present (Photo credit: ejorpin)

I just put up the post I was working on yesterday afternoon. I didn’t get it finished before I had to leave work to get ready for the ball game. I thought I might be able to finish the post on my phone. Maybe some sort of live blog of the trip up or first part of the game. Just to fill space, since I had a pretty weak premise for yesterday’s post.

Then I forgot on the trip. Then we didn’t go right to our seats. Then there was baseball to watch! The result is wast I post dated and dropped there this morning.

Going to that game last night kind of sums up the tone of the past week. I wanted to go, but it was going to be a little hurried, stressful to get there, and busy. It was going to be fun so hopefully that would make up for the rest of it. I’ll let you know when I finish all the busy if that’s what happens.

It’s very likely that I will not be posting tomorrow or Monday. I’ll let you know all about it when I do have time to post, I promise. Nothing bad, I just won’t be very able to sit down and compose. This is where better folks than I would plan far enough in advance to have something pre-written and ready auto post, or have a guest post or something. I tend to write as I feel for the day so scheduling ahead isn’t top on my list. I could do guest posts though.

All call! I will not be posting Friday or Monday. If someone has a desire to guest post here one of those days, let me know in the comments. You could also email me at:  inklingofasylum (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Hey this could be fun!

Looking forward to hearing from some or all of you. If I end up with too many people I’ll do names out of a hat or something. Awesome!

You Should Listen When I Speak…

It’s Friday! Let’s celebrate by mocking someone. I nominate… Me.

You really should listen when I speak, because I say some completely ludicrous things. I’m really talking about all possible meanings of the word ‘ludicrous’ here.

I like to think that I’m a funny guy. I say things that I think are funny. I love to get a laugh from other people. I frequently say things that get other people laughing, but to be honest they may very well be laughing at me. So what?

I guess there’s two parts to this, really: First, I mostly concern myself with what I find funny, and second I’m not sure I entirely care if I’m the subject or the source of the humor. If I’m going to concern myself with being funny because I enjoy being funny, then I’m really only going to bother with my own personal sense of humor. I’m mostly doing it for myself, so that’s what is really entertaining for me. As for the rest of it, I do funny things sometimes and deserve to be laughed at for it.

We all do things that might seem like awful or embarrassing things, but when you are able to take step back and remove yourself from the exact happenings I think you can admit that sometimes it’s just funny. You only thought it wasn’t funny because it happened to you. Sometimes you have to have a little bit of schadenfreude about yourself.

As all this relates to me, I say some just ridiculous things. If you want to be honest about it, sometimes I say them and only when I look at them later do I realize wheat some of the things I have said sound like.

I can give you an example, because I know you’re dying for one:

“You tucked my neck in! I felt it!”

While I could explain to you the context of this statement, isn’t it just a little better floating out there all on it’s own? Doesn’t it make you concern for my sanity and chuckle a little at the same time? Even I looked at that after I typed it and shook my head.

Next time you interact with me, see if I say or do anything that makes you snort your milk a little. The best ones seem to be when I just open my mouth and say something stupid that wasn’t intended to be stupid.

What about the rest of you? Do you say things like that? What was the last time you said something that just kind of hung there in the air because it was just a little off? If you know me, when was the last time I did it?

Leave a comment and let me know.


Friday-Love! (Photo credit: Viewminder)



P.S. here’s a stock photo of a funny face. Happy Friday!