Well Crap.

This is the part of being a sports fan that sucks. Being a fan doesn’t reward even temperament. It doesn’t reward responsible thinking. It’s an all or nothing proposition. You’re all in.

We were all in, and now were out. Big let down. Still proud of my team for their impressive season. Go Indians!

Well that kind of takes all the wind out of my sails to write too awful much. Better luck next time.

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Wimps! Wimps I say!

As I have shared before, I am a fan of the Cleveland sports teams. That includes the Indians, who had an excellent weekend sweeping the Kansas City Royals during their first home stand of the season. There were also some theatrics on Saturday night that got me riled up about the state of sports and what that says about us as a country.

Top of the 3rd inning, Shin-Soo Choo of the Indians gets hit by a pitch. Choo yells at the pitcher, people meander out of the dugouts, lots of yelling and jawing at one another. Warnings are issued by the umpires (we’ll revisit this in a moment). Bottom of the 3rd inning, Indians pitcher Gomez drills Moustakas from the Royals, benches clear. Jack Hannahan of the Indians lets all the Royals know how he feels about all of this. End result: Gomez, Hannahan, Manager Manny Acta tossed from the Indians.

Seems like a fairly routine set of baseball interactions when someone gets hit by a pitch that may have been not really on purpose, but certainly didn’t upset the pitcher who hit someone, right? That’s exactly the problem. The whole issue I have is that the warning by the umpires always comes as soon as someone gets hit and tempers flare. The umpires tell the adult men, “You’d better behave or we’ll punish you!” Personally, I think the adults can handle it themselves.

Yes, in this particular instance, “Handle it themselves” means someone from the other team gets drilled with a baseball at 90 MPH. I don’t actually see a problem with this. It would have been handled, and if at that point, the umpires want to let everyone know that it should be over and they wont stand for anymore shenanigans, so be it.

As has become the norm for violence in all sports, only the guy who retaliates gets punished. Where’s the problem? You might say, of course he should be punished, retaliation should always be punished. WRONG!

Especially in sports, where people are talented and passionate, and emotions run high, people ought to be able to handle their business on the field/court by themselves. Anyone gets hit by a pitch in baseball, warnings and the next guy who hits someone purposefully or otherwise gets tossed. In football, people start shoving one another after a play, second guy gets flagged. Someone takes a cheap shot or late hit on your guy, you can’t say boo to the guy that did or you get flagged. In basketball, if a guy takes a cheap shot at your star player, you can’t so much as get in the guys face before technical fouls are handed out all around and the first one to complain about that gets a second tech and is thrown out of the game. Even in hockey, where they allow fighting and always have, referees are beginning to limit it to one fight a game, and they only allow a couple punches to be thrown before they step in.

Most people don’t see the issue with limiting the amount of blatant violence allowed in the middle of a sporting event. I’m here to tell you that limiting that reaction is causing us all to become wimps.

Lots of us are taught from the time that we’re little things like: No fighting, violence isn’t the answer, hitting people is wrong no matter what. The problem with that is that there is always someone who will take advantage of someone else who won’t fight back. That applies to people, animals, families, countries, and just about every other interaction that involves living things with instincts.

I’m not saying people should be ready and willing to jump up and fight over every little slight that they might experience. It truly is more admirable to be able to say, “I don’t need to retaliate to this, because I am alright.” If someone never fights back though, someone else is bound to notice and find a way to use this to their benefit.

We are finding ways to try to show everyone, all the time, that fighting back is wrong. You should always “Be the bigger person and walk away.” In an ideal world, yes you should. Our world is far from ideal.

What we should be teaching is how to tell the difference to a minor insult or slight, and an attack on someone/something you believe in/care about.

This is one of those things that categorically sounds like a good thing to teach people. To not retaliate or escalate a situation, but I bet each and every person could think of something that they feel is too much to resist fighting back for or about in a split second.

To me that’s just further proof that somethings really are worth fighting for, and knowing the difference is something we should be learning.

Wanna tell me I’m an idiot? That I should be the King of the World? Comments are at the bottom.

Here We Go Chocolate Desserts, Here We Go! Woof Woof! (In Which I Desire A ‘W’)

I really, really want the Brownies (see what I did with the title there?) to beat Oakland tomorrow.

I’ve got nothing personal against the Raiders. I just think that after the ridiculous game 2 weeks ago, and the terrible bye week filled with made-up news and sensationalist reporting (thank you national sports media), our Cleveland Browns could use a win to gain some of their confidence back. Notice I didn’t say ‘regain their swagger’ because ‘swagger’ and ‘swag’ have become so overused in sports in the last year and a half that it hurts my soul a little every time I see it used non-ironically. I actually think it’s a decent term, but like everything else in this age of facebook, Twitter, and minute-to-minute media coverage of ever minutiae, it got overdone in about 25 minutes.

For good luck I shall put my prefered Browns imagery here:


Copyright Cleveland Browns

That’s right,Brownie the Elf. He will kick your ass.


I Think I Can, I Think I Can! (In Which I Try Harder)

I’m trying to make this blog more interesting and better for you all to read. I’ve been told a good way to do that is to include media. At some point in this post there will be a picture. You’ve been warned.

I’m also to understand that I’m supposed to mention that if you like this blog, I’m supposed to ask you to either check back every day, follow me through your WordPress account, or follow with WordPress’ new feature which should be near the bottom and offers you email updates. I’ll also be adding an email update link over with me RSS feed links.

I can’t promise how much better this will get, or how quickly, since I’m really pushing for a post a day this whole month of October. So far so good. Currently it’s quantity over quality, hopefully the quality will catch up soon.

So, in an effort to improve quality:


Calvin and Hobbes Pittsburgh

Copyright and all other rights belong to Bill Watterson

Check that out! Image! Calvin and Hobbes is about as high quality as you can get. I also feel it’s my obligation to answer Calvin’s question here:

When you’re bad. No question.

I always enjoy taking a poke a Pittsburgh. I suppose I’ll warn you now; I am unapologetically a Cleveland sports fan. Feel free to leave if that’s a problem.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of those nasty Pittsburgh fans, I feel obligated to mention that I’m to understand it’s a very nice city with a beautiful baseball stadium. Couldn’t let those Squealer fans hear me giving the city any credit though.

Ah. That’s better. Quality has been upped a little, I’ve insulted Pittsburgh football, added some controversy, and celebrated a wonderful comic strip drawn by a Cleveland artist(Bill Watterson is from Chagrin Falls).

I feel accomplished this evening.


P.S. Expect more Calvin and Hobbes at some point. That kid and his tiger are just the best.