Here We Go Chocolate Desserts, Here We Go! Woof Woof! (In Which I Desire A ‘W’)

I really, really want the Brownies (see what I did with the title there?) to beat Oakland tomorrow.

I’ve got nothing personal against the Raiders. I just think that after the ridiculous game 2 weeks ago, and the terrible bye week filled with made-up news and sensationalist reporting (thank you national sports media), our Cleveland Browns could use a win to gain some of their confidence back. Notice I didn’t say ‘regain their swagger’ because ‘swagger’ and ‘swag’ have become so overused in sports in the last year and a half that it hurts my soul a little every time I see it used non-ironically. I actually think it’s a decent term, but like everything else in this age of facebook, Twitter, and minute-to-minute media coverage of ever minutiae, it got overdone in about 25 minutes.

For good luck I shall put my prefered Browns imagery here:


Copyright Cleveland Browns

That’s right,Brownie the Elf. He will kick your ass.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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