Jim Moriarty, Consulting Criminal



The first of the Villains in this series(in no particular order) is Jim Moriarty.




If you aren’t familiar with Jim, he is a recent incarnation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s nemesis to Sherlock Holmes. Sometimes referred to as Professor Moriarty. The version I’m referencing is from the hit BBC show Sherlock. It just finished it’s 3rd series. The first 2 are available on Netflix if you’re interested.

Thinking Sherlock

Thinking Sherlock (Photo credits: Giphy)


You should be interested. It’s a beautifully done present day re-imagining of the the old Sherlock Holmes mysteries. The acting is superb, the writing is phenomenal, and it’s a pleasure to watch. Each series is 3 episodes long, and each episode is roughly 90 minutes.


Jim Moriarty is exactly like Sherlock Holmes. He is super-humanly intelligent, he is a deductive master, he is not really a people person, and he gets bored very easily. While Sherlock seeks to alleviate his boredom by finding a new case to solve, Moriarty puts his talents to more nefarious uses.

Sherlock has created a professional niche for himself. He is a ‘Consulting Detective’. He doesn’t work for the police, and only solves cases he deems interesting. Moriarty is the opposite. he is a ‘Consulting Criminal’. He puts his massive intellect to use by arranging perfect crimes for people with an idea, but no criminal experience.

What really makes Jim Moriarty so interesting as a Villain is his personality. There are many kinds of mad genius in the realm of fiction. It takes a special kind of person to stand out from the crowd. Moriarty is truly special. His superior intellect means that he is a supremely worthy foe. It’s his changeable personality that really draws you in.

Moriarty can go from whimsy to frightening evil at the drop of a hat. He delights in mocking and taunting, but that never changes the fact that he is the most dangerous man you will ever encounter. He plays with his clients, his victims, and his enemies all just the same.

When he starts to talk you can catch a gleam in his eye. The scary part is that you can never be sure whether that’s his excitement, or his insanity flashing through. Make no mistake, as intelligent and cunning as he is, he is a true psychopath.

That’s what really draws my attention. He has admirable qualities, and he is an exceptionally interesting character. At the heart of him though, he is a murderous psychotic. It’s intriguing to be so interested in a Villain so inhuman.



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Busy Busy!

I apologize for my negligence.

I have been very busy lately. It has made it hard to write when I’d like. I wish my brain was more focused and functional before I went to work in the morning. Starting the day off with some excellent writing would certainly set a great tone for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, I’m lucky I can do more than stumble out the door in the morning. I tend to watch some sort of moving picture between getting ready for work, and actually leaving for work. Usually something on Netflix. I just can’t get myself moving very fast.

I do much better when I can wake up at my own pace. I’m afraid that just isn’t an option for me though. I’m sure many people can relate. Once we get to a certain point in our lives, we don’t make a large part of our own schedule. I have to be at work by  9 am EST, so unless I get up at 6 am, I don’t get a lot of time to get woken up.

If I did get up that early(early for me, I know it’s not that bad) it would probably take me even longer to get woken up and moving. I already get some strange looks for setting my alarm at 7:15 when I don’t need to leave until 8:30 or so.

Blue alarm clock

Blue alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn’t make writing any easier when my brain shuts down every time I get busy. I will do my best to take a moment to write though if I get an idea. I have a few small windows of opportunity throughout the day, and if I get a spark of inspiration, I will work on getting it recorded no matter the time or place.

A Crisis of Music

I’m having another crisis of music.

I’ve mentioned my strange musical tastes before. I’m having another Crisis of Music. This one happens to take the form of wanting to listen to a genre I’ve never really listened to before: Heavy Metal.

When in my natural state, I tend to listen to generic Rock, some Alternative Rock, with some Acoustic and Folk thrown in there. This is my natural musical state of being. I listen to a little bit of everything because I like to listen to whatever happens to suit my mood at any given time.

Opening title logo used in Season 1 of Todd an...

Opening title logo used in Season 1 of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know why the sudden urge for Metal. I decided to re-watch Todd and the Book of Pure EvilBoth seasons are available on Netflix streaming. It’s an irreverent mix of teen drama and supernatural comedy. Generally about PG-13 or R rated(depending on your personal rating system,) it’s an out standing show with a Heavy Metal theme.

I started watching it over again, and I suddenly thought, “I should listen to more Metal.” Here we are. I’m now trying to sift through all the different sub-genres of Heavy Metal music to find one that suits my taste.

I don’t really like to listen to the screaming and growling stuff. Sometimes is okay, but as a general rule I like to be able to understand the lyrics I’m listening to. I think I’ve settled on Power Metal. I’ll be checking out Speed Metal too.

I’m sure that this isn’t something that most people are planning to go look into. I, however, have found a nice little set of music that I can listen to that is pretty different from the rest of my musical catalog.

Back to my Pandora station to find more Power Metal artists!

Pop Culture Craving

I’m seriously craving a few things.


Crave (Photo credit:

Most of the time, the term ‘craving’ deals with food. Not always, but that is where you will hear it used most frequently. I get the occasional food craving, but the majority of my cravings have to do with pop culture or activities. This is weird, I know, but stay with me.

Right now I’ve got several cravings vying for my attention. I want to do some more 3-d modeling(the computer generated image kind),  I want to try playing guitar again, I’ve got 3 or 4 shows on Netflix I want to finish, I’ve also got 2 series of books I want to re-read, and some old Stephen King I want to re-read or read for the first time. I want to watch horror movies that I know I’ll regret watching.

I’m pretending to be an adult. I have a job that is officially 41 hours a week, that I occasionally have to fill in more hours for. I own a home with The Lovely Wife, and all the responsibilities contained therewith. I’m not busier than anyone else, but I’m not really swimming in free time. I don’t have enough time to satisfy all these cravings. I certainly don’t have the time if I continue to do all my everyday things in lieu of picking one of those things up.

I know that I’m over thinking it, I always do that. I’m worried about getting part way through something and then either losing focus or getting too busy. I’m trying to finish other shows or books or video games before I start something new. IT all boils down to the fact that I want to absorb too much information and I don’t have enough time to do it!

I think I need to start planning a vacation. I know you’re thinking it. I’ll go ahead and say it, “But you just went on a vacation!” I did. I’m beginning to think I need to plan several small vacations every year just for getting some of my crazy cravings out of my system. I’m serious. I think maybe I should take a week off every 3 or 4 months, and just binge on information. Spend a week living in the dark and just doing whatever I want 24 hours a day with no responsibilities or schedule. I strongly suspect this is implausible.

I think that may be my natural state of being. I am a creature of whim and impulse. I have strong desires to do things and I’m not always sure where they come from or there intended result. I naturally thrive in a system of ordered chaos. I tend to operate naturally in a place where I am isolated but able to reach out. Where no one expects anything of me and I am able to act completely without conscience. It’s a strange feeling knowing that one may be best suited to living in a cave by oneself.

As we all know, that’s not how life works. We have responsibilities and jobs. In the future, I’ll have Munchkins. Part of what makes us human, living in a society with other humans is the ability to rise above our base urges. Some people don’t need to do as much rising. Some people are naturally suited to burying themselves in their work. If they start early they may have no one to satisfy but themselves. Some people desire only to care after their children and are afforded that opportunity.

The rest of us are needed to rise above those urges. It’s what makes us a society. I do think the vacation thing is a good idea. Everyone needs some time to be who they naturally are. Within reason of course.