I love Halloween.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like all the things that are typically associated with Halloween. Always have. I even like most of them when it’s not Halloween season.

I’m not a big decorator for Halloween, and we haven’t even been in town to hand out candy for trick-or-treat the last few years. That doesn’t change how I feel about the holiday though.

I love all of the stories and music and artwork that show up this time of year. I like the horror theme that pervades everything. I like costumes.

I find all of it to be a lot of fun. I tend to be a big kid most of the time, so I don’t find my enjoyment of the holiday to be surprising.

I’ve also always had a bit of a morbid sensibility when it comes to a lot of my tastes, so that’s not really a surprise either. It’s the things that have sinister undertones, or a plot twist that leave you feeling uncomfortable that I enjoy the most. The things that aren’t so obvious.

Well I’m just enjoying all of the the media for Halloween, and I think I’m going to go find some more to absorb. I hope you can enjoy the holiday, whether that means getting excited, or hiding in a corner until it all goes away.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve everyone! Mwahahahahahahaha

Just Relax, and Focus.

I’m trying, I swear.

On the advice of a reader and fellow blogger, I will be taking a look at some options for meditation. I think it’s something that will likely help me stay centered, relaxed and focused. Which I need.

If you’ve been around a while, you know that I’m a few things: Easily stressed, easily overwhelmed, Overly emotional/reactionary, and I don’t relax easily. That’s kind of a volatile combination. I’m aware of it, and it’s one of the reasons I took up yoga.


Meditation (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

As a mostly sedentary life-form, I knew I needed to find some sort of activity that would at the very least get me to move more than my remote control thumb. I also recognized that I have some emotional instability that could use some attention. So I looked for something that would benefit body and mind in equal measure. Yoga is definitely an improvement.

Given my tendencies to let future concerns worry me and my reactionary nature, it can be hard to use some of the ‘Be present in the moment’ lessons from my yoga practice. I think that I am getting a lot of what I need physically from yoga at the moment, but maybe the mental and emotional side needs a little more attention than my classes are providing.

That’s why I am taking advice to heart and I will be looking for some meditation techniques. Some of the more common techniques haven’t worked for me as of yet, but I might be able to find an uncommon one that suits me better. I am after all an uncommon person.

Aside from that, I am looking forward to the rest of this week. I have a small surprise planned for tomorrow, and the weekend might actually be relaxing for me. Along with my recent haircut, that I have been exceptionally happy with, decent HandEgg (American Football) from my teams, and the start of Basketball season, Things might just be getting upbeat enough to take away from work-based frustrations.

We will just have to see

Slowly, slowly.

I’m moving at a slow rate of speed.

Photo of a Florida Box Turtle (Terrapene carol...

Photo of a Florida Box Turtle (Terrapene carolina bauri). Taken in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m tired. Physically and mentally, and it’s got me moving and thinking at a slower rate of speed than normal. Everything seems to be happening faster around me, and I’m just kind of slogging through. It’s not fun.

It’s frustrating to feel not only out of control, but powerless to change direction. Not pleasant to feel unable to keep up with the things happening around you either. Constant frustration leads only to anger.

I don’t like feeling slow. I prefer to feel like I’m out front of the crowd. Being ahead of the pack, means I can see more of what’s ahead of me than anyone else. This feeling sluggish gets on my nerves.

The worst part if feeling like I’m thinking slowly. I want to have a snappy and responsive mental capacity. It’s something I’m used to. I don’t shift gear very quickly or well. So I don’t want to feel any way but sharp.

It’s just plaing annoying.

The Darkness

Travelling into the darkness is magical and horrifying, all at the same time.

Darkness is everything we fear and hope. Anything can be contained within darkness. Travelling through it is a constant journey of discovery.

Our minds try to make sens of what we’re looking at. We assume we know what we’re going to see when the next sliver of light reveals that which was just hidden. The only way we can fight back the untamed horror of the unknown is to convince ourselves we know what comes next.


Darkness (Photo credit: Roberto F.)

The only way we can keep moving into the unknown void ahead is to hope and pray that we can make assumptions about what comes next. When we can’t do that, the madness begins. The yawning chasm of terror opens ever so slightly in our souls. It’s cracks and shifts wider. Slowly, a little at a time, until that swirling maw of chaos envelops you.

Darkness is all of that. Darkness is all around us. It is what we struggle to emerge from every night. we fight to keep it at bay with out houses and walls and lights. We know that if we were to truly sit and exist in the dark, we might not know what comes next. That horrifies us beyond belief.

Darkness is what begins to approach at the beginning of every day. Even before we realize what the day can be, the countdown begins. The steady tick-tick-tick of the clock as the darkness of night grows ever closer.

If you want to know how truly close to the surface that terror is, sit a few minutes in the inky blackness of total darkness. Within moment your mind will begin to create visions of horror and chaos that you never thought you were capable of imagining. Unbidden, your mind will vividly create worlds and moments of indescribable insanity.

Know that that is what is hiding inside all of us. Ready to spring forth at a moments notice. That is what we schedule, and plan and structure to avoid. Not knowing what comes next will release that howling, swirling, driving mass of chaos. All we can do is move through the world with a plan.

We move through our days hoping that we can just stave that madness off a few moments longer. Because it is always waiting just ahead in that next darkened room.

Still Here!

No big post tonight/this morning.

It’s Friday/Saturday, and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. I stayed out too late tonight and now I’m super sleepy.

Mock me if you will, I will soon be donning my jammies and curling up in bed. Dreaming little dreams of me.

Something like that. Have a good weekend, I’m sure I will.

Cougar sleep

Cougar sleep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



It’s like a puzzle more often than not.


Puzzle (Photo credit: seaan)

There’s a lot of times life is like a puzzle. sometimes it’s a big puzzle that takes days to complete. Sometimes it’s a lot of smaller, faster puzzles. Sometimes pieces are missing and you have to make your own.

Puzzles are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Some people put them in the same category as games. They can be devilishly frustrating. Life often mimics these exact qualities.

The trick is to remember that every experience might be part of a larger puzzle, or it might be it’s very own little one. Regardless, finishing that part of the puzzle allows you to move on. It can keep you centered, and keep you from veering too far off course.

You hear athletes talk about it in almost every sport. They say “It’s a long season. You just have to stay even-keeled. You can’t get too high or too low.” That applies to life as well. Staying in the middle can balance out those highs and lows.

Sometimes the puzzle piece seem to be working themselves out. That can be a great feeling. You can’t forget that there’s another little puzzle just around the corner. You can’t get too excited about the one little piece that works.

There’s an end to a puzzle coming up. I can see the pieces laid out. There’s another one waiting in the wings.

Modern Day Geniuses

Macklemore- The Heist Tour Toronto Nov 28

Macklemore- The Heist Tour Toronto Nov 28 (Photo credit: thecomeupshow)

They’re everywhere.

With the amount of information all around us everyday, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are more geniuses than ever around. They are good at many different things. They come in every shape and size. You never know when you might encounter one.

I posted before about Macklemore. I know hip hop isn’t for everyone, but stick with me. I really got drawn in to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s album ‘The Heist‘. I heard ‘Thrift Shop‘ a little later than most people, but that groove just got me moving. Then I listened to the whole album.

I was completely blown away. This album was bursting with beautiful melodies, transcendent vocals, deep beats, real stories and touching personal confessions. Every song was outstanding. I felt like this was an album that would just keep growing.

Today, I read this post on Macklemore’s website. It’s the story of the album from release to today. Reading this only further convinced me that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are geniuses. They’re geniuses because they’re clearly incredibly musically talented. More importantly, they’re geniuses because they figured out the greatest secret about being a true artist: You are unique. You have a special voice. You will only truly be the artist you were meant to be when you speak/do/create exactly what is inside you.

That’s the real secret. The only way to be that incredible kind of artist, is to be completely authentic. Be open and honest, and put all of yourself into what you create. That’s the only way to be the genius you were meant to be.

I know that Macklemore doesn’t need any publicity from me, but after reading his post today I thought more people needed to see what he’s about. I thought as many people as possible needed to pair the incredible album with the incredible artist. I just thought I would do my part in my little corner to share.


Hammock - Polynesia.

Hammock – Polynesia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m just gonna lay down right here…

I am tired. Physically and mentally. Long days, not quite enough sleep, and yoga twice a week will do that to a guy.

I’m not able to get extra sleep. I just don’t work that way. If I go to bed earlier than about 11:45 EST, I wake up way too early. So I’m stuck with just being tired.

That certainly doesn’t help my ability to handle responsibility and stress. Not that I have an exceptionally high ability for those things anyway.

I did go to bed early last night, but only because I was tired early. I need a hammock.


It would have to be in the garage or something. Ohio weather is not all that conducive to year-round outdoor hammock-ing. I’m also not sure that we have any interior walls sturdy enough to hold a hammock unless we look at the cinder block in the basement.

Also a drink with an umbrella in it. I feel like a hammock and an umbrella drink are helpful for rest.

I may have learned too much about life from cartoons.


It’s spelled just like escape. Es cop ay…

Books, movies, stories, and video games all transport us somewhere. We all have certain ones we enjoy, and we all enjoy certain types. Our reasons are different and they are the same. Escape.

Whether it’s escape from the sadness and frustration of the everyday, or whether it’s just the only place you can be yourself. We all like to escape sometimes.

I feel out of place almost everywhere. There’s a lot of different reasons, but the important part is that I’m always  just a little off. Stories of all type let me have a place to be.

Sometimes I just get involved in those people’s world. Sometimes that’s enough. Other times I want to be involved and play a part in the story. That’s when I like to play games.

Never do I feel as at home as I do when reading a fantasy story. One of the great epics like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The world is so alive and vibrant and I can’t help but be spellbound. That’s where I feel at home. When I’m spellbound by the tales of wonder and bravery.

Tolkien's Cover Designs for the First Edition ...

Tolkien’s Cover Designs for the First Edition of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not scared to admit that I wish I were as strong as they are. I wish I were as upright and brave. I wish I were as steadfast, honorable and daring.

Most days I’m just a person. Moving through this modern world trying to keep from failing. People are built to push and strive, not avoid consequences. It’s a sad reality that these days, there are no great quests. Just trips to the coffee shop and saving money for a retirement that may never come.

One day I hope to have a real adventure. Maybe it will be when I’m Eleventy-One. Maybe it will be tomorrow. All I can do is wake up, get ready for the day, and open my door to the world.

Well, Uh…

This is embarrassing.

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry!

Friday Cat Blogging, Hurry! (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Right after I post about making my 200th post and being dedicated, I miss a day. Sort of.

I was trying to post on Friday, and we’ve been having internet issues here. Not an excuse, I know. I’m a technologically inclined fellow and could post from my phone.

I prefer writing from my computer though. I feel like it’s easier to make sure I’m writing something coherent and not just a long text message.

So here I am, early Saturday morning, posting about how I missed a post after posting about  my consistent posts. Meta. Post-ception.

So anything I was going to write flew right out the window. I just thought I’d point out the delay now that the internet is working again. Right before I go to bed. Now that I don’t need it anymore.