I’m The Weiner

Well I did it.

I made one post per day, everyday for the entire month of October. I also made one ink drawing every day in October.

Not everything I did this month falls in to the category of “Renaissance Master” or anything like that. The point of forcing myself to make a post and a drawing each day was to force myself to not overthink. There were actually 2 separate movements at work, Inktober is for the drawings, and the ‘Post a Day Challenge’ for the blog.

Not everyone has the same creative issue that I do, but I know plenty of people that do. I overthink and overedit. I can’t get my vision down on paper or digital paper because I’m too busy telling myself how much better it could be.

I stayed focused and got through it. I’m better for it. Let’s just hope that now I can stay with the posting and/or drawing, and come up with some better quality while I let my thoughts marinate for a day or two at a time.



I Aim To Please

I am a people pleaser.

I suppose this is something that I’ve known for quite awhile, but I’m only now beginning to realize what that really means. I’m not sure if it stems from my particularly intense desire for approval, or if I just never properly learned to say no. What I do know is not only do I fail to say no when I ought to, I somehow manage to volunteer for any number of things I’m not actually capable of, or have any real interest in.

It really is a problem, because at this point in my life, I ought to be able to politely decline a request or a favor. I might decline because I am too busy, or maybe I don’t have the particular skill set required to accomplish the request without significant additional time commitment to learn how. It’s possible I should decline because I am allowing myself to be taken advantage of. It’s also possible that I should decline because by agreeing, I’m actually allowing someone else to continue to ignore something they should be paying attention to.

What it really comes down to is that it’s beginning to become a problem for me. I set unrealistic goals for myself and then come down very hard on myself when they aren’t met. I guilt myself into feeling obligated to attend something or do something so that it becomes impossible to enjoy myself. I don’t want to do something, but I feel I ought to, and then I feel angry that I feel I’m only doing it because I’m guilty. It then becomes an impossible situation because I’m going to end up viewing it negatively no matter what.

It certainly doesn’t help that I tend to be negative and cynical. I’m not sure if that’s caused by my lack of patience, or if both the negativity and lack of patience are the result of some other underlying factor. What I really need to do is decide what is important to me, and begin to make active decisions according to that. If I feel a particular family gathering is not something I care to be a part of, I should politely decline attending, and be satisfied that I have made a decision for myself, based on what I believe to be important.

That’s all well and good, but it’s all a little bit easier said than done.


Odds & Ends

Just a few disconnected things today.

You might have noticed that there’s no exceptionally long and overly descriptive title up there. I decided that I could include my additional description when it shows up on Facebook/Twitter. If it’s really killing you that I changed it, I can change it back. I was trying to to make it a small paragraph at the top of every post.

My next thought is that I’m beginning to think that I might enjoy coaching. I could be VERY wrong. I might not be any good at running practices. Maybe I wouldn’t handle the excessive amount of game planning that is required at the higher levels.

I just know that I get excited when I get to discuss the ins and outs of football and basketball like specific plays and schemes and the like. Maybe I’ll volunteer someplace with someone I know and find out if I actually like it or not. Maybe I’ll add it to my list of things that would be cool, but aren’t the best idea.

I suppose I might have had something else that was floating around in my head, but it seems to have dissipated.


Heat (In Which I Question My Ears)

Short one here.

Why are my ears always hot?

They get hot when it’s hot out. They get hot when I’m cold.

It makes no freaking sense!

My grandmother would claim that my ears are burning because someone is talking about me. If that’s the case, I’m either very popular somewhere, or very hated somewhere.

I suppose all publicity is good publicity, right?

I’ll just go back to cooling my ears now.

Ink (In Which I Appreciate Art)

I wrote about Calvin an Hobbes not too long ago.

I rekindled my own love of that crazy kid and his lovable tiger. I have to insist that if you have never read any Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, you go find some and read them. For most people, not only will you be entertained, but also your mind will = BLOWN.

Bill Watterson manages to create an endearing child full of all the exuberance and innocence that we all experienced at some point. His best friend is a stuffed tiger that becomes real when no one else is around. While Calvin embodies impulsiveness and childlike wonderment, Hobbes is a realist with teenage-like knowledge and worldviews.

They are a spectacular pair that can boil nearly any issue down to two opposing viewpoints that encompass the bulk of opinions. Wonderful commentary illustrated in an almost watercolor and ink fashion that only enhances the presentation of concepts.

Bill Watterson is a genius. That’s why I’m considering Calvin and Hobbes if I ever get another tattoo.

Strange? A bit. Do I care? Not in the slightest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a boy and his tiger to spend some time with.


History (In Which I Like Old Stuff)

While flipping through channels, I came across a show exploring medieval catholic churches.

That got me thinking about my old art history classes. I took 2 basic art history classes as well as a Renaissance art history class. I found them very interesting.

It also got me wishing that maybe I should have made art history my major. I’m sure it wouldn’t make it any easier to get a job, but it’s right up my alley, skill-wise. I excel at very few things. Things I do excel at include but are not limited to: remembering lists of facts, attention to detail, and learning when presented with verbal and visual instruction. If that doesn’t sound like the job description of something I could do with a degree in art history, then I don’t know what does.

In fact, I like old art way better than modern art. There is a lot of stuff that was made from the ’60s until now that I just find pointless in the way of art. I prefer the representational and the detailed. I enjoy the harsh lighting of the baroque, and the religious significance of the Renaissance. I can’t get enough of the attention to detail and skill present in the Dutch Renaissance masters.

I enjoy what can be done with computers that could never be done before, but abstract modern art doesn’t hit home for me. Neither does politically charged art. Surprisingly, I have a very strong fondness for street art and graffiti. I tend to enjoy text and so artistic representation of text is awesome. I could take or leave the fact that it’s usually done illegally.

Regardless, I should have taken more art history classes. Just because they are interesting. Maybe, just maybe, I still will.



8.5 Hours (In Which I need More Sleep)

Currently, I can’t seem to get to sleep before around 11:30 at night. Some nights I can, but most times I try, I doze then end up waking up way too early.
I only need about 8.5 hours of sleep, give or take. I don’t need to sleep in until noon or anything, but I wish I could go to bed at midnight and sleep until 8:30.
I’m sure I could do that, but the problem with that is I would be late for work.
Can we take a vote to allow everyone to go in to work whenever they feel like it?
That way the weird people who like to do work in the morning can, while those of us that don’t feel like being up before the sun don’t have to?
Just a thought…


Bling Bling! (In Which I Don’t Actually Use The Word Bling)

Alright you hoodlums. Serious question here: At what age do I need to take out my two earrings to avoid being ‘that guy’?

I got my left earlobe pierced in 8th grade. It’s a little off center and at a bit of a strange angle because I let my mother do the piercing. Let me share this wonderful lesson with you.

She brought home an IV needle from where she worked. She prepared the area by putting one of her gold and diamond studs into a dish of alcohol, placing a half a potato nearby for stabbing, er, piercing surface, and getting the sterile IV needle all ready to stab me with.

The look of anticipation that covered her face at the prospect of getting to puncture me with a needle was frightening. She was really, really looking forward to it.

There were some complications with the needle. none of which had anything to do with it remaining sterile, just with it being easy to get a grip on for proper thrusting force.

After those had been resolved, mother gleefully grabbed the potato and took aim at my earlobe. Since it was an IV needle, the way it worked was this: Mother pierced my ear with the needle, like you would expect. The difference here is that the IV needle had a plastic sheathe around the outside that is meant to stay in your arm when you get an actual IV. Mother left this in my ear, which was very strange to look at in the mirror.

She then took the gold and diamond stud out of the pool of alcohol it had been marinating in, and pushed the plastic tubing out through the back of my ear. Then she clamped the back of the earring firmly onto the post.

Let’s review for anyone who might be missing where the pain enters into this; the stud had been soaking in alcohol and was coated in it. The back had been soaking in alcohol and was coated in it. These two things were inserted through and clamped directly on, respectively, an open wound. Ever get hand sanitizer in a papercut or cracked skin? Multiply that times a thousand.

Anyway, I eventually replaced the stud with a small hoop,and then later gauged, or stretched it out to a 12 gauge earring. Calm down, I can hear you hyperventilating from here. That size is the same as a 12 gauge needle, or about the same size needle they use when you give blood on the bloodmobile. Chill out.

See? Couple earrings. Calm down.

Later I got the cartilage on the top of my left ear pierced as well, and I now have a matching small hoop there. I attempted while in college to get a matching piercing for my right earlobe, but that just resulted in an infected ear as my body declined a 3rd piercing.

Well, that was a really long way around to get to the point of my question. I’m 26. When do I need to pull those bad boys out for good? Obviously if I end up employed somewhere that requires their removal that would be a good place to start.

So, what do you think?


P.S. Don’t think ill of my Mother for being excited at the prospect of stabbing me with a needle. I suspect all mothers would enjoy doing that at least once to their son’s ears.

Night Of The Living Dead (In Which I Examine The Walking Remains)

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the recent abundance of undead in pretty much every medium recently. The strange young adult female obsession with Vampires, the over-abundance of vampire like people in television shows, and let’s not forget that we’re at the tail end of a huge i8nfatuation of zombie themed television and video games.

So my question is, why the undead? We all know why the teenage girls like the vampire movies, but if you need an in depth analysis, The Oatmeal has one here. That’s pretty damn accurate. Not to mention, what young adult male isn’t excited asbout the prospect of surviving in some sort of post-apocalyptic wasteland where his only hope for survival is his shotgun and his chainsaw?

What I can’t seem to figure out is how it all went mainstream? Since when is it cool to like nerd stuff? Don’t get all testy, Vampires have long been Nerd-Girl fodder, and Zombie Apocalypse falls firmly into Geek territory.

I know there was a big Vampire boom in the late ’80s into the early ’90s that was fed by the series of books, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. The movie versions of these being released afterwords gave them a big boost as well. Then there was a big dry spell on the Undead front until a few movies rehashed every Zombie film ever, which caused video game companies to find anyway they could to tie Zombies into their games.

I’m not terribly upset by the concept of Zombies in video games. There’s no denying they make perfect subject matter for violent video games because they don’t represent real people getting hurt, you can have as many Zombies as you want, there’s already a well known set of facts in place in regards to how to kill them, and last but not least, they explode awesomely.

I guess I just realized that the Undead have been everywhere lately. maybe we’re closer to the inevitable Zombie apocalypse than I thought?

Where’s my Boomstick?


Lions, and Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! (In Which I Rank Some Animals)

If you’re reading this blog, I feel I can safely assume you heard about all the exotic animals that escaped down in Zanesville.

Between all the animals running loose, and then getting Twitter handles, I must have animals on the brain. Of course there’s the ever present quote from Dorothy that fits any reference to animals more fierce than a housecat.

It makes me want to tell you which animals are better than the rest.

NOTE:These decisions EXCLUDE the animals when used as sports mascots. I don’t need any of you thinking I have some special love for your favorite team just because they happened to pick an awesome animal for their mascot. Anyway, back to the animals.

Turtles – They’re adorable. All slow, and they have shells, which is awesome. I just find them to be particularly fantastic.

Tigers – Better than lions. Tigers are the most awesome of the big cats. Cool stripes, they come in cool colors. Who doesn’t like tigers?

Monkeys – Also, completely adorable. Except for the disease carrying ones. They’re li8ke little kids with fur.

I feel it’s also important to point out that, as awesome as these creatures are, they’re even MORE awesome when animated and/or anthropomorphized. I supposed illustrated counts too.

If you don’t believe me, read Calvin and Hobbes, watch the Curious George movie from 2006, and watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon from the ’80s.