I’m not going to be able to put anything together today.

I know I kind of already have the topic picked, but I’m just not able to get anything done with it. I’m already dozing off while sitting around this evening.

I have a bit of a cold, but I really didn’t think it was bad. After eating dinner and then dozing afterwards, I think I might have been mistaken.

Sorry again, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind for tomorrow.

Still Here!

No big post tonight/this morning.

It’s Friday/Saturday, and I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. I stayed out too late tonight and now I’m super sleepy.

Mock me if you will, I will soon be donning my jammies and curling up in bed. Dreaming little dreams of me.

Something like that. Have a good weekend, I’m sure I will.

Cougar sleep

Cougar sleep (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Freakin’ Seriously?

What did I tell you?

I had to work late again tonight. I’m pretty tired as it has been a long week. I went to bed about 10 minute early last night. No ill effects. No real bonuses to sleep either.

I was working for about 12 hours. I came home and sat down to eat some dinner and watch a little TV. I decided to turn on the end of the baseball game. Extra innings.  So I change the channel and come back later. Still going.

At this point it’s about 10 or 10:15. I can barely stay awake. Tonight, I’ve got some things to check on, so I was planning to stay up until my usual time. Yet, I’m dozing on the couch.

This is ridiculous. I’m just going to sleep for like 12 hours both nights this weekend. I’ll show you Circadian Rhythm and Biological Clock.

English: inside one bedroom

English: inside one bedroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Why doesn’t my body listen to my Brain?

It’s like they don’t bother communicating.

I’m tired. Both my brain and my body seem to notice that I could use some rest. Being that I pretend to be a responsible adult, I could decide to go to bed early tonight. The thought would be that if I go to bed an hour and a half early, I would get an extra hour and a half of sleep. I couldn’t be more wrong.

My typical sleep schedule is from 12 am – 7:15 am. Not great, but not a terrible amount of sleep either. Sometimes I get tired earlier than that and think I should go to bed early. This almost always results in waking up every 40 minutes starting at 5 am. I have no idea why. So far the earliest I’m able to go to bed with no ill effects is about 15 minutes early.

This makes no sense to me. I should be able to go to bed early and get extra sleep. This would result in a clear mind and refreshed body for tomorrow. It just isn’t the case. That’s exceptionally frustrating. I know I could get more sleep on a nightly basis, but at least let me get extra when I need it.

It’s just like my body is insistent that I can’t sleep more than a set amount of time, no matter how inconvenient the outcome.

This is why I need naps.

2 kittens taking a nap

2 kittens taking a nap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Me…

Why do you not do what you know that you ought to do? Why do you stay up too late? Then you’re tired all day. Why do you not eat enough at dinner. Then you’re hungry while you’re trying to sleep.
Why don’t you just zonk out at like 10 so that you can be well rested every day? Why do you do these things on a night that I was already tired and also had to mow?
I promise to write more tomorrow. Stupid schedule.


I am currently finding out the hard way, that functioning on 3.5 hours of sleep was hard this morning, then was ok during the day, and now that I’m not moving around it’s hitting me. Like a brick to the face. I’m in full on zombie mode.


zombie (Photo credit: Irregular Shed)


Not the chewing on the flesh of others. The shuffling around haphazardly trying to figure out what’s going on around me.



I’m planning on shuffling up the stairs and flopping into a bed soon, but I did want to let you guys know that I have another(small) surprise after the story finishes up tomorrow. Not anything like the story. In fact, it’s probably going to be such a let down that you’ll be angry with me telling you ahead of time and calling it a surprise. Please don’t throw digital produce at me for this.



If I get to it, I’ll post after the story conclusion, if not I’ll drop it over the weekend, I think.



Zombie writer, out.



I Dit It!

Saturday, Nov. 19th was my 13th straight day of working 8 hours or more.

I’m not looking for a pat on the back or anything, but I suppose I wouldn’t mind one.
In reality, I’m just tired. I’m glad that I have tomorrow off, and then Thanksgiving is next Thursday.

I’m very excited for Thanksgiving. I’m excited because it means a few days off in a row, but I’m also excited for the inevitable plethora of delicious food. You should be jealous. Thanksgiving dinner at my In-Laws is always delicious.
Also of great importance, is football. I haven’t seen a football game in quite a few weeks.
I know that as a Cleveland Browns fan, I haven’t really been missing much, but I still want to watch it.
Aaaaand now I’m excited for football


Sleep Schedule

Am I the only one who can’t sleep when I change my sleep schedule?

Let me give you an example: My normal sleep schedule goes something like 12a – 7a Monday through Friday and 1a – 9a on the weekend.

If I go to bed so much as 45 minutes early, I somehow manage to wake up around an hour and a half early. So I have lost 45 minutes of sleep, in an effort to get some extra rest.

Am  I the only one who’s body decides to fight him over a sleep schedule? What if I have to get up early for something, like tomorrow? I can’t go to bed too early, or I’ll end up more tired than if I just went to bed at my normal time.

Maybe I’m just getting all old and crotchety and don’t want my schedule to change. You would think I wouldn’t be old enough to be getting all old and grumpy, but everything else I do seems to be old man-ish, so why not right?


8.5 Hours (In Which I need More Sleep)

Currently, I can’t seem to get to sleep before around 11:30 at night. Some nights I can, but most times I try, I doze then end up waking up way too early.
I only need about 8.5 hours of sleep, give or take. I don’t need to sleep in until noon or anything, but I wish I could go to bed at midnight and sleep until 8:30.
I’m sure I could do that, but the problem with that is I would be late for work.
Can we take a vote to allow everyone to go in to work whenever they feel like it?
That way the weird people who like to do work in the morning can, while those of us that don’t feel like being up before the sun don’t have to?
Just a thought…


Ouch (In Which I Express Pain)

I’m sore.

Like, certain muscles feel ready to detach themselves and walk away like they were quitting a job in the middle of a shift.

I can narrow down why a couple of these muscles seem intent on calling in sick, but not all of them. This is where my brief distress begins.

Unknown pain is a pretty scary thing(possibly). I’m not overly concerned at the moment, but I’m not really a fan of unexplained soreness, as a rule.

I’m also not really attempting to complain here. IT’s getting late, I wanted to put something up here, and I was kind of at a loss. Then pain. Here we are.

It’s probably not a bad idea to just put this up and head to bed. It’s likely this will cause pain to cease, until I get out of bed in the morning, and the soreness is redoubled.

I’m really glad I have that to look forward to.