Fall is my favorite because of the little things.

Sunset balloon flight

Sunset balloon flight (Photo credit: Axel-D)

Forget the popular stuff. Forget the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the fact that it’s (American) football season. Forget the leaves and the time change. I like the stuff you might miss, and it’s always better in the fall.

Sunsets are the best in the fall. That golden light crashing through the sky on an Autumn evening. Golden then sweet orange, followed by bronze and soft pinks. You’ll never get a better sunset than a Midwest fall sunset. Unless you’re talking about exotic places, but we’re talking about everyday right now.

The rain. Oh how I love the rain. the only thing that makes rain better, is when it’s bitter icy cold and it’s coming down on a dreary fall day. I love summer rains, when I might have to be out in them. for pure experience, I have to go with icy fall rain. not cold enough to actually ice over, but the air is cool, and the rain is colder. It’s landing on dead leaves of every color. It just smells like life.

That biting chill in the air. Oh how I love that chill. When the wind is whipping around you like it’s trying to to tear you from this planet. When it’s cool, but there’s a sinister bite and needling to it. It just makes you so aware of the movement of air around you. It’s glorious.


I heard it begin. I was sitting in the office and I heard the tell-tale pit pat on the windows. It started slowly, it always does. Tap tap tap tap. It was as if it was giving me time to finish whatever I was

Storm Clouds in OKC 6/17/2006

Storm Clouds in OKC 6/17/2006 (Photo credit: Paul L McCord Jr)

doing so I could watch.

Just as I stopped typing, the clouds burst. It was a roar from inside. It was also the best sound in the world.

I hurried out the door to stand on the porch. I leaned on the railing to just watch for a bit. The pavement darkened quickly and the rivulets began to run downhill. Everything began to get glossy.

I stared across the road. I watched the fat, wet drops race by and explode on the asphalt. I listened as all the other sounds of the world were washed away, and there was only the hiss and swish of the rain.

I saw a quick flash, and heard the thunder grumble in the distance. I like the grumbles, but I always hope for a crack or a boom. The storm is always just as exciting as I need it to be.

After all my standing and watching it was time. I stood up, and took my socks off. I stepped off the porch into the pouring water from above.

It felt like it always does when I walk in the rain:  Clarity

Bam! (In Which I Keep It Short)

Some relatively unrelated things today.

It has rained here for the last 3 days. It’s been almost continuous. That is a lot of water(or Alot of water which is funnier if you read this).

I just drew a picture of a shark,dribbling a basketball, while having its tooth pulled. I will show you this picture later, but it’s for someone and I want them to see it first.

Tomorrow I will be working late. Feel free to take previously mentioned feelings about work and extrapolate that to added time.

Last but not least, I’m leaving you all to yourselves because I want to get plenty of sleep.



Seattle (In Which I Discuss My Fascination With A City I’ve Never Been To)

Seattle. Big city in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve never been there, I’ve never met anyone from there, and yet I’ve got it in my head that I would like to live there.

I’ve heard some things about the Pacific Northwest, an Seattle in particular that make me want to experience it every day. The vegetation is supposed to be just so beautifully green,all the time. Good coffee there. It rains almost everyday. It’s cool and wet A LOT. That all sounds absolutely glorious.

I’m not one of those people that loves the sun. We tend to be fighting more often than not. I’m pale and I burn easy, and I’m not so great with heat. Since the time when the sun is most easily visible, most of those things tend to occur, I’m not a huge fan. I could deal with rain everyday. I love rain. I find it to be peaceful and cleansing as opposed to dreary and gross.

I love coffee. Any place I can go where coffee is the official drink is a good place as far as I’m concerned. If that coffee is better than average coffee, I’m practically buying my plane ticket now, thank you very much.

I also like plants. Mostly plants that are nearby, that I don’t have to walk through or near, but hey, I get the coffee and rain I can’t be to picky about the plants.

Now, I’m never moving to Seattle. I love where I live in good old North East Ohio. Also, my lovely Wife is a really big fan of the sun and she would literally make my life a living hell if I made her move somewhere that it rained almost everyday. I can’t say I blame her, most people like the sun at least a little, and not seeing it very often could get depressing. She also really likes seasons, though, and I suspect any place that has the same temperature, climate, and weather patterns day after day would drive her bonkers.

I just thought it was amusing that I love everything I’ve heard about a place I’ve never been, and it makes me want to go there.