I was out!

Sorry I missed on Friday.

I was doing some of that extra work I mentioned before, and I just wasn’t near a computer all day. Didn’t get home until late, then wasn’t able to put pen to paper. Well, fingers to keyboard which is like a digital version of pen to paper.

English: Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet with pen.

English: Wacom Intuos4 Medium Pen Tablet with pen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not avoiding, which is why I was okay with not being able to write. Being literally too busy to sit in front of the computer long enough to write is actually a viable excuse for me. I tend to make other excuses and rationalizations for myself. This is actually one that counts.

I had an idea for a post, the other day, but it was one of those ghost ideas that was never really fully formed. It just kind of flitted and danced at the periphery of my consciousness and perception, so I never really got a handle on how I wanted to write about it, and what I wanted to say. Then it was gone. Just not there any longer. I hate it when the good ideas do that.

I can also say, that some time in the somewhat near future, we may be looking at an arbitrary WordPress milestone post. Forewarned is forearmed. I know they aren’t the best, but I’m having fun here and I like to share the fun. ell the specifics of the fun anyway. Feel free to skip it when you see it, but it’s going to be AWE-some!

I’m still busy, but hopefully things have calmed to a dull roar for the next little bit. I’ll be sure to let you know. I should be able to stay on schedule this week, and maybe I’ll even get some big ideas to talk about!

Just over there…

I found out about a new-ish site today called Medium. I was introduced to it through Janelle. I signed up so that I could recommend her post, and I got an invite to write as well as read. I decided to go for it and be adventurous. Maybe get some writing in front of some new eyes.

It’s right over here:  https://medium.com/this-happened-to-me/393363655f54

It would be great if you wouldn’t mind taking a look there. Don’t feel obligated to sign up or anything, but I wouldn’t be upset about any recommendations over there. It’s kind of like one big blog with multiple writers and categories. No comments, but you can recommend or share.

Feel free to recommend there, or talk about it here on this post.



Typewriter (Photo credit: mikeymckay)



Deep, cleansing breaths…

One of those mornings.


Jenga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where everything feels like it’s out to get you? Every little piece of everything just adds another piece to your Jenga tower of frustration. I’m very close to being a bad sport and flipping over the table we’re playing on.

I probably need to go take my version of a smoke break and just sit and breathe. That always seems to help frustration. Of course mentioning it on here typically seems to get some of the vitriol flowing out instead of seething within.

I don’t even need to complain per se, I just need to get the words moving and shifting on the page and it seems to help. It’s hard to be furious and frustrated when you’re forming and shaping words.

One of the things that wasn’t so much a big problem as a minor frustration that only seemed like a problem is because of the rest of the morning had to do with this here blog. Apparently, WordPress and Facebook had a little tiff, and none of my posts since June 14th have been publicized over on Facebook. Since I only keep FB around to connect with old friends, I hadn’t really noticed. So that’s a little annoying.

As I’ve only recently(as in the last 6 months or so) actually blogged consistently I don’t have what could be called a large audience yet. Using the publicize feature was one of the ways I was getting the page in front of eyes. So it was a little disheartening that there was all that time that people could have been stopping by that maybe thought I had given up again.

Oh well. Time to try to knockout a few bits of work I have waiting, eat some lunch food, and take some deep breaths. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe I’ll be able to relax by the time I go home.



How do you deal with ‘those mornings’?

I Think it’s Working, You Guys!

When I started this blog, I just thought it would be a fun thing to do. I managed to write a post a day for a month. Eventually I put it off.

Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use

Two tall metal file cabinets for work or home use (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I started writing here again, I promised that I wouldn’t let that happen again. I told myself ‘Not this time. No quitting this time. It’s important. This is for you. You can do it.’ So far I have.

I think it’s helping. I think the writing, fiction and nonfiction, the sharing and the regimen is working. Everything is getting a little easier. I mean everything. I’m making a difference in my own life! That’s a weird sentence.

Really, I’m happy with the way that things are progressing. I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time. I feel more connected than I have in a long time. I sometimes need a little help processing things, and I think having this little corner of the Interwebs as my own person file cabinet is really making a difference.

I’ve stayed on top of writing every weekday(excluding a few holidays) just like I wanted. I’ve written more fiction than ever before. I’ve WANTED to write and draw and create. I’ve connected with super cool people. Then I found some more! I’m noticing more things in the world. I even got my shit together and went to yoga class. The threats probably helped.(check out the comments)

My point is, I suppose, that I’m not just throwing word-shit against the wall and seeing what sticks anymore. I’m here, and I’m doing this, and I’m seeing some sort of result. Different kinds of results, but still.

So thanks for stopping by to listen to me ramble and rant. Thanks for the encouragement and the recommendations. Thanks for the tolerance and patience.

Most of all, thanks for listening.

I Think I Can, I Think I Can! (In Which I Try Harder)

I’m trying to make this blog more interesting and better for you all to read. I’ve been told a good way to do that is to include media. At some point in this post there will be a picture. You’ve been warned.

I’m also to understand that I’m supposed to mention that if you like this blog, I’m supposed to ask you to either check back every day, follow me through your WordPress account, or follow with WordPress’ new feature which should be near the bottom and offers you email updates. I’ll also be adding an email update link over with me RSS feed links.

I can’t promise how much better this will get, or how quickly, since I’m really pushing for a post a day this whole month of October. So far so good. Currently it’s quantity over quality, hopefully the quality will catch up soon.

So, in an effort to improve quality:


Calvin and Hobbes Pittsburgh

Copyright and all other rights belong to Bill Watterson

Check that out! Image! Calvin and Hobbes is about as high quality as you can get. I also feel it’s my obligation to answer Calvin’s question here:

When you’re bad. No question.

I always enjoy taking a poke a Pittsburgh. I suppose I’ll warn you now; I am unapologetically a Cleveland sports fan. Feel free to leave if that’s a problem.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of those nasty Pittsburgh fans, I feel obligated to mention that I’m to understand it’s a very nice city with a beautiful baseball stadium. Couldn’t let those Squealer fans hear me giving the city any credit though.

Ah. That’s better. Quality has been upped a little, I’ve insulted Pittsburgh football, added some controversy, and celebrated a wonderful comic strip drawn by a Cleveland artist(Bill Watterson is from Chagrin Falls).

I feel accomplished this evening.


P.S. Expect more Calvin and Hobbes at some point. That kid and his tiger are just the best.