Ok, I’m here.

I had an idea. I want to do a series on Villains. Comic books, movies, television, villains from all over. I have some favorites.

I want to tell you why some of my favorite villains are so compelling. I want to introduce them to you if you haven’t ever had a chance to experience them.

I’m going to do a post on each of my favorites. I might find more favorites later, but these will be a good place to start. I need to do a little research and planning first. 

So no villain tonight, but I assure you, There will be villains in the days to come!

Nothing to do

English: GI CARD GAME, Watercolor, James Pollo...

English: GI CARD GAME, Watercolor, James Pollock, CAT IV, 1967, Courtesy of the National Museum of the U.S. Army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, you’ve got stuff to do, but still nothing to do.

Weird right? I know you understand what I’m talking about though. You may have things that need done. Projects, or chores or something of that nature.

Maybe they don’t actually need done right now. You could do it and get it out of the way, but it’s probably not going to happen. So you’re busy looking for something else to do. You just can’t find anything.

No matter what leisure time activity you think of, nothing sound like something you want to do. So while avoiding the stuff you could do, there’s nothing else to do. It’s really annoying.

I mean really annoying. Sometimes you spend days and days thinking ‘I’d like to do ________ if I just had the time. I never have any time.’ When it just so happens you might have a little bit of free time, nothing really appeals. Then you find yourself sitting and wasting time, hoping something will eventually attract your attention. then you end up doing nothing and you wasted your hard earned free time.

Well that’s just dumb. It’s frustrating to know that you could be making better use of your time, even if it’s just something you want to do and not need to do. Feeling like you’re not making good use of your time sometimes feels like a failure. Like it’s one more thing you can’t do right. “I can’t even relax properly.”

I suppose that comes with the territory of responsibility.

Did not forget

I did NOT forget to post today.

I know it’s late, and this will be short because of it. I did NOT forget. Since I have not been able to write when I want, I have been writing around 10 pm. Usually, I write, then finish what I need to for the evening and head to bed. Lots of times, I watch TV before bed.

Tonight I had the 2 hour season 6 finale to Sons of Anarchy that started right at 10. I did not have much extra time to write. I won’t post any spoilers here. I will make some

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

generalized references and share information.

If you haven’t seen this show, and you can tolerate violence, drama and plot twists, I recommend starting at the beginning. It’s a wonderful show. The up coming 7th season will be the final season. Over the course of the first 6, it will make you laugh, cry, and scare you. It will horrify and offend you. you will root for terrible people, and watch good people do terrible things. It’s a great show.

As for the this season’s finale specifically, I am not quite sure how to react. I didn’t expect most of the things that happened to turn out the way they did. I can say that feeling has been true over several recent episodes. I haven’t known what to expect almost this whole season. Not only am I shocked by the outcome of the finale, I literally have no reasonable guesses about what will happen in the final season.

Anything could happen.

I’m off to bed to try and sleep after that episode.

So Old

Turkeys in Folsom

I’m definitely getting old.

I get sleepy super early. The problem with this is, If I go to bed too early, I wake up way earlier than I need to be up for work. This in turn makes me sleepy earlier. You can see my dilemma here.

It also make nights like tonight very frustrating. I still have things that I want to do tonight, but I am very sleepy. I have to fight being tired, just to do a few things, so I also will not be too tired tomorrow.

this happens quite a bit, and definitely on Fridays in particular. A long week really contributes to my being wiped out. That’s why my Friday posts are usually short and occasionally pointless.

So I’m off to try to figure my next hour or so out. Likely I’ll continue fixing my tablet that I somehow screwed up(which makes me feel like a computer hacker, so not all bad.) Maybe watch a little TV. I know it’s only Wednesday, so sorry for the Friday quality post.

Happy Turkey Day tomorrow! Gobble Gobble Gobble!

Now you see me…

Now you don’t.

I have an idea brewing about my desire to spend large amounts of time watching television shows and reading books. It’s a little bit about how I might prefer characters to real people.

However, tonight I am tired. My brain is not going full speed. I worked late and I have a long weekend. So I will need to ponder my post later.

For now, I’m just going to go veg and watch more ‘Chuck’.

English: Logo from the NBC television program ...

English: Logo from the NBC television program Chuck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs, Signs

Signs are everywhere today.

Funny signs

Funny signs (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I am generally an ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ kind of guy. I’m not a complete fatalist, I believe we have control over our lives. I also believe that there are things that we can’t explain, and sometimes things are too big for coincidence. Sometimes it seems like no matter which branching path we take, we’re going to end up the same place.

Today, I kept hearing things that pulled me into the present. We all go through parts of our lives on auto-pilot. I heard things that pulled me out of that auto-pilot all day today. Things people said, little words that held extra meaning, song lyrics that seemed especially prescient. Even the TV shows The Wife and I watched had greater wisdom hidden throughout.

I’m noticing these signs, but they were all a little different. I’m not sure what they mean just yet. It’s not like they were all about the same thing. Signs and symbols are never quite that obvious, are they?

I don’t know if ‘The Universe’ is trying to tell me something, but I think that it might be. I think I should be on extra close lookout for more signs in the near future. Maybe I can find my way down the best branching path.

Might not change where I end up, but the trip might be very different.

Freakin’ Seriously?

What did I tell you?

I had to work late again tonight. I’m pretty tired as it has been a long week. I went to bed about 10 minute early last night. No ill effects. No real bonuses to sleep either.

I was working for about 12 hours. I came home and sat down to eat some dinner and watch a little TV. I decided to turn on the end of the baseball game. Extra innings.  So I change the channel and come back later. Still going.

At this point it’s about 10 or 10:15. I can barely stay awake. Tonight, I’ve got some things to check on, so I was planning to stay up until my usual time. Yet, I’m dozing on the couch.

This is ridiculous. I’m just going to sleep for like 12 hours both nights this weekend. I’ll show you Circadian Rhythm and Biological Clock.

English: inside one bedroom

English: inside one bedroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)