Tomorrow it begins

Tomorrow begins the gladiator season.

American football player in action with ball

American football player in action with ball (Photo credit:

Football. Probably more accurately HandEgg. Full of carrying and throwing and uncontrolled violence.

I may write a post about the nature of HandEgg later. It’s been a controversial topic of sorts recently. There’s been a lot of talk about concussions and safety and long term effects of the sport on its players.

I’ll need some time to organize my thoughts, but I think a full post about it is well in order.

Until then, I’ll be enjoying the brightly colored and exciting violence tomorrow along with lots of other people.



9 thoughts on “Tomorrow it begins

  1. Your football is ‘American Football’ to us Brits, because ‘football’ is the actual sport you play with your feet (what you Americans call ‘soccer). I’ve never understood American football – it just seems a lot like rugby to me, although rugby’s more dangerous because the don’t have all the padding or massive helmets. There’s a saying about a rugby player that “even if he’s pronounced dead on the pitch he’ll still get up and carrying on playing”. I mean, rugby players are TOUGH. They’ll have their face smashed in and all bloodied and they’ll still carry on playing. What kind of injuries do American Footballers get?

    • The big controversy right now is concussions. There’s no doubt rugby players and Australian rules football players are tougher. Sometimes American football players play more dangerously because of all the pads. They don’t worry about hurting themselves, so they will be unsafe sometimes. Also assorted leg injuries from being at the bottom of the pile.

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