Not Quite Enough

English: Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA F...

English: Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA Français : Horloge à Globe, Arizona, États-Unis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not quite enough time in the day.

There is just not enough time to get caught up every day with all the things you want or need to. We’re probably also short a weekday. We spend most of the weekend getting caught up on the things we weren’t able to do during the week.

I had a day just last week where I felt like What I wanted to do, What I felt like doing, What I needed to do and what I was going to do had absolutely no commonality. That’s very frustrating. Nothing was going to work itself out.

That’s another one of those times that you end up feeling helpless. Things feel out of control. It’s especially bad when you really don’t feel like doing anything, but you don’t want to be doing what you’re already doing.

If we had a few more hours in the day, and an additional weekend, we’d be ok. For awhile anyway. What really needs to change is society. We’re too far gone though. No way that we’re going to get our current society to back down from the run run run, go go go lifestyle we’ve created.

We could always shorten the work day. That would allow us a little more time each day. Trouble with that is, people are blinded by money. We all think that the more we work, the more money we’ll all make. That’s completely untrue.

As a country, the USA is less productive per hour than other countries. It’s because we’re all unhappy at work, we’re stressed and overworked, and we put a higher value on working, than efficiency and results.

Maybe one of these days we’ll stop being stubborn long enough to see that other countries have it figured out. Until then, we’re going to keep having days with too few hours.

Posting Blues

I’m disappointed y’all.

Disappointed in the sun.

Disappointed in the sun. (Photo credit: piermario)

I know that I’ve been posting every weekday like I want to. I’m meeting that goal. I don’t think that what I’m posting is up to snuff.

I’m not exactly writing world-changing posts here. The trouble is, my brain thinks in huge, over-arching, world-changing ways. I’d frustrating to know that I’m not properly communicating that through what I’m posting.

I think a big part of that is that I’m not able to post until the evening. I’m usually winding down by the time I’m able to post and that means that the ideas aren’t flowing as freely. IT’s a struggle to even write something one a topic I’m interested in some nights.

That’s pretty disappointing too. I know I’m capable of better. I know that people don’t stop by as often when I’m throwing slapdash shit against the wall to see what sticks. I know that more people are interested when I’m able to really get the crazy-ball rolling in the morning.

So all of that is combining to make me a little blue about posting. I still really want to, and I plan on keeping up with it. I just thought I’d share how it was feeling recently. Maybe I’ll be able to shoehorn some time in there to get writing in the morning. Maybe. Don’t want to start too early or you’ll just get incoherent mumbling about how I ought to be able to sleep later.

Here’s hoping it can be an upswing.

This Year

I can’t believe that it is the first of November already.

Calendar Card

Calendar Card (Photo credit: Joe Lanman)

Parts of this year have just flown by. Whether I didn’t notice it because I was having too much fun, or I couldn’t see because I was buried in my own world, some stretches of time have really gone quickly. To be certain, some have not as well.

I don’t know if this is more evidence that time is not as linear as the construct we have to created to perceive it, or if I’m just getting old and things happen too fast now. when I was in school, there were lots of arbitrary dates to mark time by. I find that happens less and less as I get older.

There are plenty of dates, but they’re important things like holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. They tend to be more spread out, so that when using them to reference time a lot has passed since the last time I checked. I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Regardless, The last few months have really gone by in a hurry. Last time I paid attention to what month it was, it was August. I pretty much missed September and October completely. When you have a fairly constant daily routine, that can happen more often than not.

I hope you enjoyed your last two months. At the very least, I hope you do not miss them.

Here comes November!

Well boo.

I was doing so well…

I was on a really good run of getting on and posting before mid-morning here in the U.S. I was ON it. Then Friday happened.

Film poster for Office Space - Copyright 1999,...

Film poster for Office Space – Copyright 1999, 20th Century Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got this mental image of my sitting down to write like some sort of “imaginary office.” In my brain, it’s as if me sitting down here, wherever here happens to be, as a man in business casual sitting down at a desk with a cup of coffee. Like he’s getting ready to go to work. When I get all straightened around and start thinking about writing early, I feel like I’m coming in at starting time and just getting down to business. When I don’t get around to writing until the afternoon(like today) or even sometimes in the evening, I feel like ?I’m some creepy hungover guy stumbling into work, unshaven, with my robe still on, and just hoping that I can get enough work done that no one will notice that I showed up late and left early.

I have to imagine that I don’t help my case by trying to write while at my actual job. It’s not an issue of hiding it from anyone here(actually currently writing at work), but more that no one cares if I’m writing as long as other work gets priority. Some days, I have a lot of things that get priority. If I were able to get myself writing before work, I wouldn’t run into this issue. The counterpoint to that being that things wrote before I am completely awake might be slightly less than stellar. I don’t want to be less than than stellar. I want everything we talk about here to be completely outstanding!(Yeah. Right.)

Oh well. Such is life. We can’t all plan our days out to go exactly like we want. There’s always going to be something that pops up and ruins all of our carefully laid plans.


Do you have a preferred writing time? Why?

Old! Old and decrepit!

Happy Birfday!

Happy Birfday! (Photo credit: bryan champ)

I’m running low on particularly insightful ideas today. Not knowing what I was talking about never stopped me talking before, so I’m writing anyway!

Since I typically take the weekends off from posting, unless some crazy super awesome thing happens, I feel I should let you know today: Sunday is mah Birfday!

The Big 2-8! Wait, that’s not an important one is it? Oh well.

I know that in the grand scheme of things 28 isn’t really THAT old. I am starting to understand why everyone was always complaining about how old they felt when I was younger though. As you start to get older and you begin to settle into a routine, it can sometimes seem like everyday is the same. Some days you just feel like you’ve got not enough time and too much time, all at the same time.

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, but then you turn around and 3 months have gone by. It’s a weird time-stasis-y thing. It’s almost like we’re all living in some crazy hyper-sleep where everything works at dream speed. Maybe The Matrix is real.

Whatever it is that causes it, I just know it can be a little disheartening. These days there is so much going on in the world, and there is so much that you’re expected to balance. I don’t even have any mini-me’s running around yet, God help me once I do. It’s just unfortunate that the pace of life doesn’t lend itself to being able to get what you need done with time to do what you really enjoy.

I know some people are able to find that balance, but as per usual I move a little slower than some. I do have to say that having this blog is quite useful. Being able to just kind of think out loud and occasionally get input for readers is a good place for me to be. Some of my friends know how inside my own head I can get, and this place is kind of my outlet. It’s like group therapy where I never have to give up the talking stick, and the group leader is busy stuffing his/her face with donuts and coffee and isn’t interrupting with “But how does that make you FEEL?” all the time.

So thanks to all of you, Happy Birfday Weekend to me, and try to remember to take some time for you this weekend. I plan to try to take a few minutes here and there to just kind of center myself.

Any suggestions? Other than blogging, because, seriously? That one is totally obvious.