Ski Trip!

Well, I was going to post this yesterday, until I got sleepy. So you get it today instead!

English: Snowboarding in New Brunswick, Canada

English: Snowboarding in New Brunswick, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This last weekend was my second time going on an annual ski trip. The trip has been going on for a fair number of years, but The Wife and I have only gone twice now. It has been a blast both times.

I’m not really a ‘do-er’. I tend to be more comfortable wearing a divot in the couch than I am getting out and doing things. I’m ok with this most of the time. I enjoy staying comfy and cozy indoors, so I see no trouble with this. It occasionally becomes a point of contention with The Wife.

She likes to do stuff. She likes to see what’s happening, to be involved and to get up and go. She likes to do things with other people and generally have a good time. Sometimes me being a sofa spud can get frustrating. I think it’s a good thing that we both really enjoy skiing/snowboarding.

That said, she enjoys the skiing, and I prefer the snowboarding. I believe I have mentioned it before, but I have a pre-existing medical condition with my left hip. Skiing contains the potential for my two legs to end up going different directions, and I suspect that would end worse for me than for some others. I chose snowboarding, where my two feet are stuck to the same object.

We went last year, and while we were there we took a group lesson. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time out and about practicing last year, partly because day 2 was very icy. We started this year on our own, and quickly found that we needed more guidance. We went ahead an got private lessons.

It ended up outstanding. We both picked up enough of the basics in our lessons to feel comfortable going out on our own. We went out for a few hours each day on Saturday and Sunday. We came home on Monday.

It’s a great little break in the middle of our winter. It’s a mini-vacation! I’m really looking forward to next year already, and maybe we’ll even get to go someplace nearby and get some practice in.

We may also have to look into getting our own equipment. If we keep going, renting will get expensive soon!

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I’m Baaaack!

English: US Capitol at night. A mosaic image o...

English: US Capitol at night. A mosaic image of around 10 segments taken with a Canon 5D and 24-105mm f/4L IS lens. Español: El Capitolio de noche. Русский: Американский Капитолий ночью Српски / Srpski: Амерички Капитолиј ноћу Українська: Американський Капітолій уночі (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello Ladies and Germs.

I can now tell you where I scampered off to for the last 5 days or so. Vacation!

As a vacation/5 year anniversary trip The Wife and I went to Washington DC. I didn’t really want to tell all of you ahead of time, in case one of you had any inclination to steal all my stuff. Well, not so much those of you who stop by on the regular, but this is the Interweb and anything can happen. Better safe than sorry.

I won’t give you the play by play, but I can give you the quick itinerary:

Friday: Fly out at 6:25 am (too early), museums during the day, monuments at dusk/night.

Saturday: Sleep in, Museum, walk around the White House, relatively nice dinner(it was awesome. Hollandaise sauce should be on everything. Everything.) Ghost tour, drinks at a couple of the fancy hotel bars.

Sunday: Museum, pictures, Surprise for Anniversary, Super Fancy Anniversary Dinner(Out of this world. We won’t talk about the bill, but I would venture to say, Worth it!), Capitol building night pictures.

Monday: Capitol tour, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Kill time until flight at 9:15 10:15 because it was delayed(too late)

My feet hurt, my legs hurt, I’m still tired and one day off work when I got back wasn’t enough but here we are! It was a lot of fun. If I get some good stories after I process I’ll make sure to relate them.

So what all did I miss? Anything?

I have to say that I think we all deserve more vacations. We all need some time to recharge the batteries. If we had more opportunities to do that, whatever you choose to do, I think we would all be a little less stressed out. It’s all cumulative, so not being able to take that time out and step back just gets more detrimental the longer we go without it.

I’m pretty guilty of never finding any time to decompress. There are lots of ways I could in my everyday life without having to go on vacation, I just don’t make the best use of my time some days.

I could disconnect from the digital world and just sit and read for fun, instead of to finish a book. I could sit on my porch with some music and a beverage(adult or otherwise) and just enjoy the fresh air. I’m sure there are more of you who don’t take time to get everything back in order.

It’s much easier to just keep pressing on. Keep moving through your day and going from one item to the next on the never ending list we all have. It’s even sometimes easier to do something mindless like flip on the television or video games, simply because stopping and thinking hat would really let you relax is too much out of the ordinary.

Just think about that the next time you feel wiped out but still find yourself doing something mindless.


Do you think we need more vacations? Or do you find enough time to get your head clear?