Holiday Stress

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of the year.

I don’t usually have problems on actual holidays. I understand that sometimes holidays can be stressful for people. There’s a lot of family interaction, and there is a lot of opportunity there for extra stress.

My stress always comes in the couple of weeks leading up to big holidays. Especially Christmas. It’s the planning that gets me.

I have trouble planning gifts very far in advance. I always have good intentions, and then ideas get side tracked, or I never get to the stores to enact my grand vision. I’m sort of okay this year, but I’m not done yet and that is definitely creeping around in the back of my mind.

I’m also really bad at planning visits. I’m awful at doing anything that isn’t already pre-decided. If the exact date of when I’m doing something with someone for the holidays isn’t the same from year to year, I’m going to have trouble figuring it out. Like this year. Then it gets put off, and people get grouchy, and I know it’s my fault for being bad at planning.

So that’s where my holiday stress happens. I don’t buy into the crazed shopping thing. I don’t get too worked up about the decorations. I don’t have too much trouble actually visiting with the relatives on the day of the holiday. I just can’t plan worth a shit.

I feel like that’s going to continue to cause problems until I get it solved.

Oh well.

Not Quite Enough

English: Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA F...

English: Street clock in Globe, Arizona, USA Français : Horloge à Globe, Arizona, États-Unis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is not quite enough time in the day.

There is just not enough time to get caught up every day with all the things you want or need to. We’re probably also short a weekday. We spend most of the weekend getting caught up on the things we weren’t able to do during the week.

I had a day just last week where I felt like What I wanted to do, What I felt like doing, What I needed to do and what I was going to do had absolutely no commonality. That’s very frustrating. Nothing was going to work itself out.

That’s another one of those times that you end up feeling helpless. Things feel out of control. It’s especially bad when you really don’t feel like doing anything, but you don’t want to be doing what you’re already doing.

If we had a few more hours in the day, and an additional weekend, we’d be ok. For awhile anyway. What really needs to change is society. We’re too far gone though. No way that we’re going to get our current society to back down from the run run run, go go go lifestyle we’ve created.

We could always shorten the work day. That would allow us a little more time each day. Trouble with that is, people are blinded by money. We all think that the more we work, the more money we’ll all make. That’s completely untrue.

As a country, the USA is less productive per hour than other countries. It’s because we’re all unhappy at work, we’re stressed and overworked, and we put a higher value on working, than efficiency and results.

Maybe one of these days we’ll stop being stubborn long enough to see that other countries have it figured out. Until then, we’re going to keep having days with too few hours.

My brain is full. Goodbye!

What the fudge(but I didn’t say fudge…) is wrong with my brain?

The brain

The brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

STOP!(collaborate and listen. I’m just full of pop culture references today.) Stop making a list of what’s wrong with my brain. No, I don’t care how many items you have on your list already. I don’t care that you alphabetized and cross referenced them. Nope, not even the pretty color-coded tabs. I’m thinking of something specific this time.

Time-management and calendars.

My brain does not handle planning time for things very well. Let me give you an example: My sister-in-law asked if I could stop over tonight after work to help her assemble something and hang some shelves at the new place she’s moving into. We will probably also eat food. This is it. My brain has already blocked off all of tonight as if I were leaving the state. I will probably be home before 9. That is not an all night activity.

I can’t figure out why my brain schedules things this way. If the personal even calendar in my brain looked like say, a Google calendar, every time I schedule a new event, the colored block indicating from when to when I will be occupied would only come in 3 options: Full day, Half-day, and Quarter-day. Quarter-day is rarely used.

The reason this is such a pain in the ass for me, is that I tend to overwhelm myself easily. Just getting up and feeding  myself for the day is pretty close to me being Whelmed. Adding much besides the occasional activity means I quickly spaz and become overwhelmed.

This is pretty annoying. It’s especially annoying to people around me who’s brains work in a normal fashion. They’ll ask me to do something: “Hey can you help me move a book shelf on Saturday?” I will respond like a complete nut job: “Can’t sorry. I have to mow the grass this weekend. I probably have to go to the grocery store too, so I don’t know how I’ll get anything done.”

That’s about 2.5 hours of work, including the drive time to and from the store. I have sectioned off an entire weekend for it. Then The Wife will do something like set up a fun evening with friends: “Hey, let’s go see A, J, & Baby M Saturday night. Baseball, dinner and a bonfire. Sound good?” I’m all padded cell and straight-jacket “How are we supposed to fit that in?! When am I going to MOW?!”

I’m a freaking maniac.

How are your time management skills? I’m the only one who can’t handle planning his own life, aren’t I?