Liquid Gold

Golden sunlight pours through the windows.


Window (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Late on an Autumn afternoon.

It warms my skin where it oozes over me.

Like bright honey it slides over and around everything in sight.

My limbs move slowly as if the thickness affects me.

Its buttery warmth begins where it touches my skin, and slowly spreads.

It stops suddenly only where it meets cool shadow.

The cool, sharp shadows that bind and contain it.

Those hard pockets of inkiness hold the soft spread of warmth at bay.

One cannot exist without the other.

The flowing brightness must be contained.

Those hard likes only come next to the warmth.

It’s quiet beauty, watching the two shimmer and swirl.

They dance their waltz on everything in sight.


Hokay. So. Here’s the Earth–

Whoops, sorry. Wrong intro.

So I know I already posted today, but even though it contained awesome links and super awesome info I felt like I was slacking for not posting other content. Not that I have anything in particular to post about, but now at least I don’t feel like I’m taking the day off.

Summer is the bane of my existence. This sounds ridiculous so I should probably explain. I’m pale. like super pasty while pale. As in I burn if I’m outside for an hour in the morning when it’s cloudy. I also don’t do so well with heat. This may be slightly psychosomatic as I’m pretty sure it started when I gave myself heat exhaustion on the 4th of July one year.

What all this combines to mean is that summer and I are barely on speaking terms, and I don’t invite it to get togethers, just major parties because I don’t want people saying that summer and I are on the outs. This is sad for everyone, especially The Wife. She is… spongy. I had better explain fast before I have to duck.

I mean this in a strictly metaphysical sense. She absorbs everything and just exists in it. Sunlight, fresh air, other people, dancing music, food, drink, sports, fireworks. She just loves being a part of everything. So when I say “The sun hurts me, don’t make me go out there.” It stinks for her.

We both enjoy winter, and I must say that I have to be part polar bear because I would rather stand outside and get snowed on then walk to the mailbox in the sun. The Wife likes all the seasons though, and after a couple months of grey and dull, she needs some sunlight and fresh air.

Map of the Arctic with the Arctic Circle in blue.

Map of the Arctic with the Arctic Circle in blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I keep trying to convince her to move to the Arctic circle, and while you could describe the look I get as ‘Icy’ that doesn’t really convey assent. So in direct contradiction to every cell in my body, I will probably spend a decent amount of time outside the confines of my Office-Hermit-Cave(it’s like the bat cave. Seriously.) Yard work, and construction, and cleaning are all on the docket this weekend. I must be out of my damn mind.

Anyone else prefer winter’s icy embrace to the smothering mauling of summer’s sun?