This post is late, but it’s totally not.

It definitely is.

It’s just after midnight EST on what is now Saturday. This is highly disappointing. I should be writing on Friday.

I apologize. I’m sure no one was particularly upset. The goal is just to not miss a day unless something is out of my control. While that is sort of the case this time, I’m pretty sure that I could have found some time somewhere.

Now it’s late, and the post will be on Saturday. I don’t even really have a point to this post. I’ve been having a little luck recently with just kind of writing in a stream-of-consciousness form. Just sit down and see where the post goes.

It’s a natural extension of my regular writing process, and very close to how I think. I think in a very long chain of connections. I’m one of those people that you can be talking about eggs to, and I’ll tell you a story about a model rocket I built once. because you could put an egg in it.

Model rocket

Model rocket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes when I write and speak I’m actually thinking too fast and my body can’t keep up. I will skip words when I write, and sometimes stutter a little when I get to talking to excitedly.

Well that one really took off. Again, sorry for the Saturday not Friday thing.


Ever the soft wind blows,

Touching the quiet soul among the best of us.

Never shall we forget the dignity of him.

Always will his fire burn bright, 

Casting a stark shadow out behind him.

I shall not move him while he rests.

He has earned this rest and more,

Stronger than all of us.

Celebrate with me his soul,

All that he is.

Ever remember who he was,

Through his fire incomprehensible.











fire (Photo credit: matthewvenn)