It’s a Secret!

Do you ever feel like something you enjoy is some big secret that no one else has heard about?

I was talking about rediscovering ‘Chuckthe other day. That’s one of those great secrets I’m thinking about. Nobody I know seems to have heard about ‘Chuck’. I know that enjoyed a strong following, because it was a fan campaign that kept it on the air for the last 3 years. It just seems like every person I mention it to has missed out.

It’s the same thing with the music group ‘Cake‘. I discovered ‘Cake’ several years ago. around 2004 when I was still in college. I never investigated them much, I was content to just

Cover of "Prolonging the Magic"

Cover of Prolonging the Magic

listen to the one album my friend told me to buy.

Now, we have things like Pandora and Spotify, and I was able to find a little bit more of their music. I like pretty much all of it. They do happen to be one of those groups with a relatively consistent sound from song to song, and album to album. I don’t mind that. I know some people don’t care for that kind of consistency in their music.

The thing is, I feel like I’m the weird one because nobody knows about these things I enjoy so much. I’m always one to share the things I enjoy, so I like to tell people about these wonderful things. All I get in return are blank looks, and a half-hearted ‘Sure, I’ll check it out…’

Am I the only one this happens to on a regular basis? Does this, in fact, mean that some of the things that I like that I think are normal are as weird as the things that I like that I acknowledge are weird? Did that previous sentence make any sense?



I’m definitely feeling all sorts of unfocused at the moment.

English: Unfocused picture of Kagee taking a p...

English: Unfocused picture of Kagee taking a photo of his webcam. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Ufokusert bilde av User:Kagee mens han tar bilde av webcam’et sitt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This pretty much includes everything. Like say my music at the moment. I work in a place where I am able to play most any music I want at a reasonable volume. Most of the time I use Spotify. I tend to prefer making my own play lists for my music listening enjoyment. I am currently bouncing between a small Country playlist, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gorillaz. That is about as random an assortment as you’re likely to find.

I’m kind of that way with lots of other stuff too. When I’m at home after work, enjoying free time, I’m busy looking at computer games deciding which one I want to play. Maybe I’d rather boot up Photoshop? Nah how about some 3D modeling in Blender? Nope, maybe I should take some photos… I could always go to the massive bookshelf in the office. There’s a solid 30 books I could be reading there.

I am all over the board recently. I tend to exist in a state of chaos, so this isn’t entirely unfamiliar territory. I just end up feeling a little lost and unaccomplished. I like to accomplish things. I like to have something to show for time spent. When I get kind of out of focus like I am right now I end up feeling like I’m always wasting time, no matter what I’m doing.

Hopefully I’ll get working on something that will demand my attention. I get the best results that way, and I end up feeling I’m accomplishing something to boot!

I’ll just wander over here and see if it’s this way…


Are you a focused or unfocused person? Which do you prefer?