Signs, Signs

Signs are everywhere today.

Funny signs

Funny signs (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I am generally an ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ kind of guy. I’m not a complete fatalist, I believe we have control over our lives. I also believe that there are things that we can’t explain, and sometimes things are too big for coincidence. Sometimes it seems like no matter which branching path we take, we’re going to end up the same place.

Today, I kept hearing things that pulled me into the present. We all go through parts of our lives on auto-pilot. I heard things that pulled me out of that auto-pilot all day today. Things people said, little words that held extra meaning, song lyrics that seemed especially prescient. Even the TV shows The Wife and I watched had greater wisdom hidden throughout.

I’m noticing these signs, but they were all a little different. I’m not sure what they mean just yet. It’s not like they were all about the same thing. Signs and symbols are never quite that obvious, are they?

I don’t know if ‘The Universe’ is trying to tell me something, but I think that it might be. I think I should be on extra close lookout for more signs in the near future. Maybe I can find my way down the best branching path.

Might not change where I end up, but the trip might be very different.