I find that it takes quite some time to recharge my patience meter.

English: A vintage ampere meter. Français : Un...

English: A vintage ampere meter. Français : Un Ampèremètre à l’ancienne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I work in a place where I deal with the general public. I also happen to work with people who are opinionated and we don’t always share the same opinions. These two facts tend to result in some frustrating days for me.

I’m a generally affable and patient person. I really prefer to go with the flow more often than not. The trouble I run into, like many things in my life, is that my patience has a very large inertia.

It can sometime take a great deal to wear my patience thin. Once I’m frustrated, it can take an even longer time to get me back to even again. That is not a good combination most days.

It’s especially bad when I get busy with work and home things all at the same time. I never get a chance to get that patience reservoir refilled. When I’m constantly running on empty, every little thing sets me off. Which causes me to overreact, obviously.

I’m not actually frustrated at the moment. It was just something that had been floating around in my head. I’ve been working on finding stress reducers and finding time to get away for a little bit to leave everything in the rearview mirror long enough to get right again. I have found that getting away from my everyday surroundings makes a big difference for me.

I’m off to find one of those stress relieving activities as we speak!

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Why Hello

Hola! I have returned!

hello, weekend.

hello, weekend. (Photo credit: erin m)

Well, to be fair, I never really went anywhere. Since last week was Thanksgiving, and I was off of work for a couple days, I decided to treat the whole time like the weekend. Since I don’t post on the weekends, that meant I wasn’t around much.

I’m glad that I took a few days to do weekend-like things. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you ahead of time, but I felt adventurous and like it was the right thing to do. Now, I am back!

Unfortunately, when I don’t do a lot of interesting things, I don’t have a lot of interesting stories to tell. When I don’t have a lot of deep thinking sessions, I don’t have any profound mysteries of life to discuss with you. For today, I think that’s okay.

I can say that over the 4 days off I watched a lot of (American) Football, ate quite a bit of turkey and assorted side dishes, and didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about responsibilities. I can’t say that I didn’t do anything that might qualify as responsible, but I didn’t spend time thinking about things hanging over my head.

Maybe soon I will be able to get back to writing in the morning. I have excellent ideas then. Until then, I will attempt to find things worth our time and effort here. After all, how will we solve the worlds problems if we don’t figure them out first?!

Deep, cleansing breaths…

One of those mornings.


Jenga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where everything feels like it’s out to get you? Every little piece of everything just adds another piece to your Jenga tower of frustration. I’m very close to being a bad sport and flipping over the table we’re playing on.

I probably need to go take my version of a smoke break and just sit and breathe. That always seems to help frustration. Of course mentioning it on here typically seems to get some of the vitriol flowing out instead of seething within.

I don’t even need to complain per se, I just need to get the words moving and shifting on the page and it seems to help. It’s hard to be furious and frustrated when you’re forming and shaping words.

One of the things that wasn’t so much a big problem as a minor frustration that only seemed like a problem is because of the rest of the morning had to do with this here blog. Apparently, WordPress and Facebook had a little tiff, and none of my posts since June 14th have been publicized over on Facebook. Since I only keep FB around to connect with old friends, I hadn’t really noticed. So that’s a little annoying.

As I’ve only recently(as in the last 6 months or so) actually blogged consistently I don’t have what could be called a large audience yet. Using the publicize feature was one of the ways I was getting the page in front of eyes. So it was a little disheartening that there was all that time that people could have been stopping by that maybe thought I had given up again.

Oh well. Time to try to knockout a few bits of work I have waiting, eat some lunch food, and take some deep breaths. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe I’ll be able to relax by the time I go home.



How do you deal with ‘those mornings’?