It’s like a puzzle more often than not.


Puzzle (Photo credit: seaan)

There’s a lot of times life is like a puzzle. sometimes it’s a big puzzle that takes days to complete. Sometimes it’s a lot of smaller, faster puzzles. Sometimes pieces are missing and you have to make your own.

Puzzles are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Some people put them in the same category as games. They can be devilishly frustrating. Life often mimics these exact qualities.

The trick is to remember that every experience might be part of a larger puzzle, or it might be it’s very own little one. Regardless, finishing that part of the puzzle allows you to move on. It can keep you centered, and keep you from veering too far off course.

You hear athletes talk about it in almost every sport. They say “It’s a long season. You just have to stay even-keeled. You can’t get too high or too low.” That applies to life as well. Staying in the middle can balance out those highs and lows.

Sometimes the puzzle piece seem to be working themselves out. That can be a great feeling. You can’t forget that there’s another little puzzle just around the corner. You can’t get too excited about the one little piece that works.

There’s an end to a puzzle coming up. I can see the pieces laid out. There’s another one waiting in the wings.

Mr. Fix it.

I recently discovered something about my own personality.

I am a Fixer.

Let me explain, because I’m not using a standardized system here. I’m just basing this on some of my own observations.

There are different types of people. I’m not saying these are all of them by any means, but there are some definite categories.

There are Thinkers. The ‘Thinker’ group includes theoretical scientists and philosophers, people who are most at home pondering and considering big things.

There are Doer. The ‘Doer’ group is full of people who take action and are comfortable doing it. Construction workers, mechanics and farmers are all ‘Doers’

Every ones knows about Heroes. Firefighters, Police officers, and members of the military. The Heroes are all most comfortable doing what the rest of us are aren’t willing or able to do.

Then there’s my group. I’m a Fixer. We’re most comfortable when we’re solving problems.

Now more about me as a ‘Fixer’. I am happiest when I’m ‘The Guy’. You know when they say in the movies ‘I know a guy’? I love being that guy. I am most at home when I am solving problem. I love being the guy people go to to get or fix something no one else can.

This manifests in my love of puzzles, and why I manage to teach myself obscure things that may or not be useful. It makes me excited to be presented with something that everyone else was clueless about, and come out on top.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing for me. Being a fixer means that sometimes I can get a natural high just from fixing a small problem, just because nobody else knew how to fix it. The downside here is that sometimes I have to count on people stressing me out by needing my help, just to get that feeling of accomplishment. It isn’t good to have the bulk of your affirmation come from an outside source, no matter who you are.

For all the pros and cons involved, it’s invigorating to be able to identify such a specific part of my own personality. It leads me to believe that I can use this information to make positive changes in my life. I can embrace the fact that I relish the challenge of a puzzle. I can search out positions where I can make the best use of my desire to be a ‘go to guy’.

I think it’s something I can continue to explore.

What kind of person are you?