Stream of Consciousness

I write how I think.

Writing the rest of #Wikipedia on a typewriter...

Writing the rest of #Wikipedia on a typewriter. KGB style (Photo credit: Jared Zimmerman)

I was having a conversation about writing style today in someone’s comments. (She’s excellent, you should stop by some time.) It got me thinking a little harder than normal about my own writing style.

I tend to write how I think. I also tend to think best out loud. So by default, I guess you could say that I write how I talk. I can see that. I think that it’s just the way that I settle into.

I write how I think because I want you reading it to feel like I’m doing this in a natural way. I’m not forcing a particular structure or anything on you. I’m not over editing what I have previously written. I just kind of start writing and see where the words take me.

That’s how I speak. That’s how I think. that’s how I am.

I just feel like I’m being the most honest and genuine person with you that I can be. Sometimes that results in strange and unfocused writing. Sorry about that. I’m a strange and unfocused person. When you come here to read what I’ve written, I like to think you’re getting an accurate sense of the real me. I’m not trying to give you an online persona to connect with.

I just got to thinking about it. Which then made me analyze my own writing style, which made me realize how much I enjoy just being myself here.

Feel free to stop back. Oh and tell your friends.