It’s spelled just like escape. Es cop ay…

Books, movies, stories, and video games all transport us somewhere. We all have certain ones we enjoy, and we all enjoy certain types. Our reasons are different and they are the same. Escape.

Whether it’s escape from the sadness and frustration of the everyday, or whether it’s just the only place you can be yourself. We all like to escape sometimes.

I feel out of place almost everywhere. There’s a lot of different reasons, but the important part is that I’m always ┬ájust a little off. Stories of all type let me have a place to be.

Sometimes I just get involved in those people’s world. Sometimes that’s enough. Other times I want to be involved and play a part in the story. That’s when I like to play games.

Never do I feel as at home as I do when reading a fantasy story. One of the great epics like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. The world is so alive and vibrant and I can’t help but be spellbound. That’s where I feel at home. When I’m spellbound by the tales of wonder and bravery.

Tolkien's Cover Designs for the First Edition ...

Tolkien’s Cover Designs for the First Edition of The Lord of the Rings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not scared to admit that I wish I were as strong as they are. I wish I were as upright and brave. I wish I were as steadfast, honorable and daring.

Most days I’m just a person. Moving through this modern world trying to keep from failing. People are built to push and strive, not avoid consequences. It’s a sad reality that these days, there are no great quests. Just trips to the coffee shop and saving money for a retirement that may never come.

One day I hope to have a real adventure. Maybe it will be when I’m Eleventy-One. Maybe it will be tomorrow. All I can do is wake up, get ready for the day, and open my door to the world.


I love to stand on the earth, leaning on a railing, enjoying the weather. Especially on a dark and stormy night. Stand on the earth and just be.

I love the feeling of the water as it slowly drips down my face. The rain landing on me and running from my hair to my skin feels like it’s washing away the world.

I love the feeling of the wind as is slips by my skin. The dampness only enhances the touch of the wind as it slips by and blows away my thoughts.

I love the fire in my heart that slowly begins to burn. The feelings of peace that feed the my Heartfire and keep me moving.

I love the connection to the world I feel in the warm earth beneath my feet.

I love the steady rhythm of the water that the raindrops beat on my head and shoulders.

I love the tingling that the wind gives me while it frees my mind.

I love to feel the slow burn in my heart grow as the the fire flickers to life.


I love the elements.