I’m so OLD!

Just Kidding!(but maybe I’m not.)


birthday (Photo credit: Aih.)

I meant to get on yesterday, but it was just too bananas. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 29! I’m so OLD!

I know 29 isn’t really old, but it can certainly feel that way. People sometimes say that ‘Age is just a number,’ or ‘It’s all relative.’ They’re right to some degree. Of course, that’s usually people who are older and don’t want to be seen as old or feel old.

I have always kind of felt like I never act my age. Sometimes I seem like a kid in a grown up world. I love to goof off, and play and watch cartoons. I like to sit around on the weekends in my pajamas and play video games. I like to read stories about grand kingdoms, beautiful princesses, daring heroes and fearsome villains.

Other times, I seem to be much older than I really am. I enjoy a cup of hot tea, I like reading more than Television, and I don’t like to go out as often as some of my friends. I clean up very well, and I prefer suits to sport coats. I am quite the gentleman.

So I got older yesterday. As some of you may already realize though, everyone hits an age where the day doesn’t make you feel any different than the day before. I found that day sometime in the last couple of years. I’m okay with that, but it does take some of the ceremony out of having a birthday.

Regardless, I like the fact that I’m so changeable. It gets in the way sometimes, when I can’t focus on what I’d like to be more like at a certain time. Overall, I’d prefer to be a little more unpredictable. I like my routine to be predictable, but I don’t like to be predictable in it.


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Listen Here Whippersnapper!

I’m totally starting to look old.

World Beard and Moustache Championship - Rolan...

World Beard and Moustache Championship – Roland van Den Bremt (Photo credit: zieak)

I’m really not THAT old, even though most of the people I work with are waaaaayyyyy younger than me and I feel old. I just noticed the other day that my age is actually starting to catch up with me, and I look like my age. It really isn’t all that bad though.

I have a big forehead. Based on my immediate male family members, I’m lucky to have made it past 21 with any semblance of hair on my head. I do have a couple spots that it’s thinning in the corners though. What really starts to make me look older though, are the interspersed grey hairs on the sides of my head. I have decently dark brown hair, so they aren’t immediately noticeable. In fact, for a pretty long time I thought they were just some blonde hairs sneaking their way back in, since my hair was really light when I was younger. If I really look, totally not blonde. Just some grey.

As for my face, I’ve always had relatively deep set eyes, and a decent set of bags under them. That coupled with other assorted eye wrinkles means I don’t typically fall into the category of “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.” At least they still sparkle, and they get very blue when I’m outside on a clear day.

I also typically favor a beard. I must have some sort of chin covering of some sort lest I look EXACTLY like my father. I love my Padre, but I don’t need to look just like him everyday. Special occasions only. Having a full beard doesn’t exactly take any years off the look though. It isn’t an exceptionally popular look with my age group and cultural set. That’s cool, I look pretty freakin’ sweet, so I’ll be a rebel. There’s a big caveat here though; Once you start getting grey beard hairs,(like I found yesterday) the amount a full beard ages you goes up exponentially for every grey hair. I’m gonna look like Santa if I go too grey to quickly.

Regardless, age is just a number and all that. This isn’t meant to be a complaint, or even a wistful look back on those times I looked younger. I just noticed a grey beard hair and thought I was starting to actually look a bit older. I’m not all that worried about it actually. I’m going to be the same person no matter how old I look. Grey hair, no hair, wrinkles, or Santa beard, I’m still me.

Do you look your age? Do you look like life has aged you ahead of your time? or do you, like The Wife frequently still get mistaken for a high-schooler when you wear t-shirts from your place of employment? (She’s a teacher. God bless her)


Old! Old and decrepit!

Happy Birfday!

Happy Birfday! (Photo credit: bryan champ)

I’m running low on particularly insightful ideas today. Not knowing what I was talking about never stopped me talking before, so I’m writing anyway!

Since I typically take the weekends off from posting, unless some crazy super awesome thing happens, I feel I should let you know today: Sunday is mah Birfday!

The Big 2-8! Wait, that’s not an important one is it? Oh well.

I know that in the grand scheme of things 28 isn’t really THAT old. I am starting to understand why everyone was always complaining about how old they felt when I was younger though. As you start to get older and you begin to settle into a routine, it can sometimes seem like everyday is the same. Some days you just feel like you’ve got not enough time and too much time, all at the same time.

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, but then you turn around and 3 months have gone by. It’s a weird time-stasis-y thing. It’s almost like we’re all living in some crazy hyper-sleep where everything works at dream speed. Maybe The Matrix is real.

Whatever it is that causes it, I just know it can be a little disheartening. These days there is so much going on in the world, and there is so much that you’re expected to balance. I don’t even have any mini-me’s running around yet, God help me once I do. It’s just unfortunate that the pace of life doesn’t lend itself to being able to get what you need done with time to do what you really enjoy.

I know some people are able to find that balance, but as per usual I move a little slower than some. I do have to say that having this blog is quite useful. Being able to just kind of think out loud and occasionally get input for readers is a good place for me to be. Some of my friends know how inside my own head I can get, and this place is kind of my outlet. It’s like group therapy where I never have to give up the talking stick, and the group leader is busy stuffing his/her face with donuts and coffee and isn’t interrupting with “But how does that make you FEEL?” all the time.

So thanks to all of you, Happy Birfday Weekend to me, and try to remember to take some time for you this weekend. I plan to try to take a few minutes here and there to just kind of center myself.

Any suggestions? Other than blogging, because, seriously? That one is totally obvious.