Is It Nap Time Yet?

I feel like it should be nap time by now.

I woke got up his morning, and I was definitely not awake. I’m still pretty much only half awake. While I pride myself on being able to make it through the day only using a fraction of my mental capacity, it would really be nice to have it all available. It currently is sitting in the back of my mind, curled up in a  comfy chair wearing pajamas drinking tea, doing a cross word and Sudoku. When I attempt to address it, I simply get scoffed at and ignored, and then My Mental Capacity goes back to his crossword.

Typically, I spend the majority of my day mentally coasting through, with the occasional glance to Mental Capacity where he chimes in with some grand insight, then goes back to work on other pursuits. Normally he’s sitting at a desk, in a 3-piece suit. Jacket off, reading glasses on sleeves rolled up, clearly working on something requiring great attention. He is of the opinion that we are more important than we are. It’s with his urging that I declared myself a genius.

The biggest problem is that My Mental Capacity is an all-star, while My Motivation, and My Physical Ability are more like people who’s mother pays for their friends. Motivation has never been particularly adept. He tends to be good at finding ‘reasons not to’ as opposed to ‘reasons to’. That’s not a good look Motivation. At some point he should probably get out of his robe and bunny slippers(even if they are awesome Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers). Physical Ability is just a guy with ADHD that can’t focus on anything long enough to build up sufficient skill at it. The poor guy just isn’t all that good at anything.

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers (Photo credit: Megan Taylor)

I need someone to pay me to just give them ideas. Is this a thing? Would people pay me copious amounts of money to just give them ideas? I feel like they should.