Trying again

So, I’m giving this another shot.

I am attempting to learn the guitar again. I’ve tried this before. I even took a college credit class in it. Learning a skill like this is usually kind of like my Kryptonite.


Guitar (Photo credit: mrwalker)

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I tend to acquire a base level proficiency in most things relatively quickly. I can pick up a lot of complicated skills and I can learn the basics very quickly.

This can be good, because if it’s something I’m going to have to be doing long term, I can become proficient quickly and then build on that base set of skills. It’s very handy for job-specific skills and things of that nature.

It also tends to be frustrating. When I’m learning something for me, I plateau at that base-level proficiency quickly as well. I’m sure all that’s really needed is a decent amount of practice. I can come to terms with this. The trouble is that I don’t usually have the patience for this practice.

Whether it’s an overall lack of patience, or a false sense of accomplishment creating false expectations, I get frustrated when I don’t progress learning something as quickly as my initial surge might suggest. This leads to a lot of trying things and then quitting when I can’t learn more right away.

This is kind of how I previously learned to play guitar. I borrowed one and eventually bought my own. I learned some simple songs that I could play that I really liked. I felt like a king! Then I got stuck. I couldn’t figure things out because I never got enough of a base in music. I never learned to properly read the music. I had trouble learning chords on the guitar.

Like everything else, I eventually gave up.I have been wanting to try again though. It’s going to be ugly this time. This time I’m learning the basics. no songs, just lessons on YouTube. I’m learning from the beginning. Even though I’m sure I could do more already, I’m going to do this like I’ve never held a guitar before. I’m going to keep watching tutorials and learning and not move on until I master the lesson I’m working on.

We’ll see how this goes.