The Wall

I totally hit a wall today.


Wall (Photo credit: zebble)

I mean metaphorically. Though, if you know me well enough, hitting a wall literally, really doesn’t seem implausible. I digress.

We had an upgrade to the software we use at work today. I was the on site tech, and I was responsible for working with the remote specialized tech. I was there to answer any specific questions about our systems and set up, as well as be the other person’s eyes and ears. I also logged them into our stuff remotely.

The original time estimate for the series of operations that they were performing today was 6 hours. We were supposed to be out of commission from 8 this morning, until 2 this afternoon. We were actually up and running before 12 noon.

This was a really good thing. We beat our estimated time by a full 2 hours. That’s 2 extra hours that we weren’t planning to have access to our systems. It did leave me with a small dilemma. I didn’t plan on having time to do anything worthwhile today at work.

I was planning on being occupied for the full 6 hours, with possible stops for troubleshooting along the way. I figured that even if we got done right on time, that my day would be pretty much shot. I was half right.

After all the IT work was done, I just kind of drifted around aimlessly. I still did things while I was at work, but I didn’t have a lot of self-starting motivation. I just kind of waited around until someone needed me for something. I kind of hit a wall.

O h well, there’s always tomorrow

Uncle Ben was right

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’


Spider-Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m wiped out. We got an upgrade to the computers and software at work. I am exceptionally familiar with the specifics of how the system we use works. I’m not really an IT guy, but I know enough to get by, so I tend to be the free, IT stand in unless it’s a BIG problem.

The upgrade to our stuff caused us to basically lose all of our previous settings. We knew this might happen. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a difficult spot to be in.

The computers were down for a couple of days while the upgrades happened, and now we’re trying to get everything reset. We’re also trying to catch up on all the work we couldn’t do while things were down.

It’s just a tedious process. Identifying a setting that needs changed, changing it for every one and still forgetting about someone. We’ll get there though. I’m on the job!

I’m actually not trying to complain. I’m not unhappy with the work I’m doing fixing these things. I’m just stretched thin and tired is all. It isn’t really a bad tired though. Kind of like the mental version of when people say they feel ‘good tired’ after working out. I may be wiped out, but I’ve accomplished a lot and that’s exciting.

Well, I’m off to get some rest so I can make another strong push tomorrow. Bye!