This is weird

Had a weird sort of experience yesterday. Can I assume that you’re familiar with the VH1 “I love the…” or “Best of the…” series. Good,

VH1 Network Identification 1985

VH1 Network Identification 1985 (Photo credit: Fred Seibert)

because I just assumed it. Well, yesterday afternoon they were running “Top 100 songs of the 2000’s” I had a surreal kind of experience here.

For those of you unaware, I’m 28. Born in 1985. So 2000 through 2010 went right through my young adult years. That’s Sophomore year of high school through all of college into the beginning of my adult life. In that decade, I graduated high school, graduated college, moved out of my parents house, got engaged, got married, and lived with The Wife for the first time, not necessarily in that order. I also went from age 15 to age 25. So I was actively listening to music and making judgments on what I liked. Not really formative years, but years in which I was growing into the man that I currently am. I know that music.

What made this so crazy is this: Most of those shows, like “I Love the 80’s” or “I Love the 90’s”, happened while I was relatively young. The songs and trends they talk about still up memories of my childhood. They are frequently coated in a thick layer of nostalgia. I usually watch some of those and then start a conversation like “I remember when I …” Everything with those has some tie to a simpler time in my life. “Top 100 songs of the 2000’s” Was completely different.

First off, those years weren’t quite long enough ago to be covered in nostalgia yet. Not everything is yet seen through those sepia-tinted glasses that let you forget the bad things. More strangely though, I still think of a lot of those songs as ‘current’.

Now , just because I think of something as ‘current’ does not make it so. I’m starting to get to the age where my version of things is slightly distorted from reality. I’ve never been one to really listen to the radio and stay up on the really current stuff. This is only exacerbated by my turning into a grumpy(ier), old(er), man.

It was very strange though, for there to be a retrospective-type show about things I didn’t realize we were that far past. In the world of entertainment, where a month is a year, the 2 and a half years since the end of 2010 means we’re quite far removed from the “2000’s” That’s why it was so weird. I know were well into the 10’s or Teens, but I hadn’t noticed.

I’m not trying to complain about it, I just felt weird seeing a “Remember When…” show when I didn’t think I needed to be reminded. Some people will tell you that if it isn’t sitting in front of me(and sometimes then) that I probably needed reminded of it. I have to say, I really enjoyed their selection of songs though. Thinking about it, I think I prefer the ‘year-to-year’ set up as opposed to the ‘Top 100’ list. ‘Year-to-year’ keeps everything grouped together, the list format jumped around. That just made it stranger.

Ever had anything like that remind you of where you are in life? Just kind of popped up and said ‘hey, this is last decade!’?

What’s With All The Hostilities?

I am mostly writing this as an attempt to lighten the mood around here. Lots of introspection lately with some heavy stuff floating around. After determining some friends might need some funny, I decided to just get on the horse and ride! So this isn’t an actual attempt at complaining.

I had A DAY yesterday, y’all. I had a day where I wasn’t fit to be around other human beings. The day started innocently enough: I got up on time, I watched some netflix before work, I packed my lunch and I was on time. Sounds good right? By the end of the day I was a raging ball of undirected stress and venom and I should have been locked up with a sedative on board.

The crazy part was, that there was nothing really that happened yesterday to cause all of this additional stress. There was no big thing that set me on edge for the rest of the day, there was no unending series of small things that sent me into a near-homicidal rage by the end of the day. I was just not pleasant to deal with.

I know that I was in a bad mood. I know that what finally got me nasty in that ‘answer everyone is a smarmy tone and/or roll your eye anytime anyone needs you for anything’ way, was people my assistance on things. None of them were big things, and they were not showing up rapid-fire, so I’m not sure why I had such an issue with them.

I did have an issue though. Boy did I have an issue. From about 11 am onward, I was just sour. I was a bear to be around. I’ve just described myself as a sour gummy bear. I was NOT a gummy bear. If I had been, I would have had a sweet delicious center. THERE WAS NO SWEET DELICIOUSNESS IN ME YESTERDAY. I was all sour all the time. Like if someone gave you nothing but a bowl of the sour powder from sour patch kids and a spoon and said “This is all you get for the next week to eat. Better get started.”

Gummy candy

Gummy candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I was such an angry, awful person yesterday I decided to do what always seems to be best for these sorts of situations: Post abut it here and both vent and make light of it. It always makes me feel better. Especially when I get to go on long tangents about whether I am gummy candy or not. I’m telling you, that’s where it’s at. Life doesn’t get much better than gummy candy metaphors.

So taunt, mock , giggle, judge, whatever you want at my expense. I. AM BULLETPROOF. Like one o’ them giant jawbreakers that you can’t actually eat. Most of all enjoy! So you don’t have a day today like I did yesterday.

This Might Be Dangerous!

I may have made a huge tiny mistake. I am really intent on getting this post done this morning, and I have ingested lots of coffee in a short amount of time. I have unleashed myself on a keyboard all jacked up on caffeine. This might be dangerous.

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...

Brain scanning technology is quickly approaching levels of detail that will have serious implications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not worried. I think that the two halves of my brain can successfully wrestle one another into some sort of stalemate with regards to crazy vs. responsible. I think I actually have two brain halves that work relatively well together.

I would classify myself as a creative person. I have a good eye for art and colors, even if I’m not always the best at creating them. What you might call “right-brain” things. I would also say that I’m pretty intelligent. I’m good with numbers and patterns. Things one might consider “left-brain” activities.

I have never been great at focusing on one activity or set of skills so I never really latched on to one side of my brain and got great with it. I tend to bounce between the two as required. Lot of people I know are definitely more suited to one or the other.

Not me. I am all sorts of unfocused! In a good way, right? Not always. I think that this sometimes leads to my inability to get organized, even if I like organizational systems. It also leads to a difficult time for  learning new creative activities.

While I’m happy for the adaptability this provides me (people who know me best are cleaning up the beverage that they just spit all over the screen). What I mean is adaptability in my approach for problem-solving. I’m able to approach lots of activities with a unique perspective.

I appreciate this, but sometimes I would like for it to be easier to just plop down and really focus on a particular thing with out soon getting distracted by a shiny object or moving picture(Ooo! Piece of candy!) Well I suppose that life is generally a zero-sum game, and I can’t be good at everything. If I want to be able to be adaptable (sorry for your screens again) Then I can’t also be super focus-able. That’s not a word. I don’t care because I’m creative, remember?

Well, on that note I’ll end this caffeine-fueled ramble about sides of my brain. I hope the rest of the day goes as smoothly and free-flowing as this post did. I feel like it won’t.

Are you right-brained or left-brained?

Bowties Are Cool…

Do you have any idea how hard it is trying to be cool all the time?

No, I’m not really implying that I’m cool all the time, or even most of the time. I was just thinking how hard you have to work to get people to think you’re cool.


Eclectic (Photo credit: joshwept)

I’ve always been the kind of person with varied interests that might seem a bit strange at first glace. As if none of them really go with any of the others. “He’s Eclectic,” you might say. In an effort to indicate ‘weird’ in a nice way.

I find so many different things that interest me, that I end up looking in to an incredibly varied array of strange subjects. This applies to music, movies, books, shows, photos, art, and hobbies. Basically, that one thing you enjoy learning about or doing, I probably once got curious about it and looked up a bunch of random facts about it.  That’s just the way I am. I’m Eclectic.

Being cool requires an element of mystery. You are good at something interesting that is difficult to do. Maybe you know someone famous but you won’t tell who. Sometimes being cool means being the first to do something. being a pioneer makes you cool. Assuming other people wish that they could o that thing. Sometimes it requires an air of arrogance about these things.

If you aren’t naturally a person to try all these new things, or naturally possess that attitude, being cool is hard work. You have to go out of your way to try to hear new music so you can share it with your friends. You have to see lots of weird movies so you can introduce your friends to the good ones.

Sometimes being weird or eclectic lets you stumble into a cool new thing. That’s super convenient. Say, the band Vampire Weekend. I heard a couple songs that I liked. I downloaded them, and eventually the whole albums. This was 2 years ago, before ‘Holiday’ got used in a Christmas commercial. I told a couple people about this cool new band I found. They nodded and said “Oh I’ll have to take a listen…”

Then ‘Holiday’ gets used in a commercial, and everyone says “That’s pretty catchy.” I responded with “That’s Vampire Weekend. I told you about them. That song really isn’t about holidays though. It’s about vacations. They’re British, so ‘Holiday’ means vacation.”

To which they respond, “Okay. That’s weird that you know that off the top of your head.”

That’s pretty much how I’m cool in a nutshell.

Are you cool naturally? Or do you have to try real hard? Or do you only ever stumble into it like me?

Dear Me…

Why do you not do what you know that you ought to do? Why do you stay up too late? Then you’re tired all day. Why do you not eat enough at dinner. Then you’re hungry while you’re trying to sleep.
Why don’t you just zonk out at like 10 so that you can be well rested every day? Why do you do these things on a night that I was already tired and also had to mow?
I promise to write more tomorrow. Stupid schedule.


I am currently finding out the hard way, that functioning on 3.5 hours of sleep was hard this morning, then was ok during the day, and now that I’m not moving around it’s hitting me. Like a brick to the face. I’m in full on zombie mode.


zombie (Photo credit: Irregular Shed)


Not the chewing on the flesh of others. The shuffling around haphazardly trying to figure out what’s going on around me.



I’m planning on shuffling up the stairs and flopping into a bed soon, but I did want to let you guys know that I have another(small) surprise after the story finishes up tomorrow. Not anything like the story. In fact, it’s probably going to be such a let down that you’ll be angry with me telling you ahead of time and calling it a surprise. Please don’t throw digital produce at me for this.



If I get to it, I’ll post after the story conclusion, if not I’ll drop it over the weekend, I think.



Zombie writer, out.