I love to stand on the earth, leaning on a railing, enjoying the weather. Especially on a dark and stormy night. Stand on the earth and just be.

I love the feeling of the water as it slowly drips down my face. The rain landing on me and running from my hair to my skin feels like it’s washing away the world.

I love the feeling of the wind as is slips by my skin. The dampness only enhances the touch of the wind as it slips by and blows away my thoughts.

I love the fire in my heart that slowly begins to burn. The feelings of peace that feed the my Heartfire and keep me moving.

I love the connection to the world I feel in the warm earth beneath my feet.

I love the steady rhythm of the water that the raindrops beat on my head and shoulders.

I love the tingling that the wind gives me while it frees my mind.

I love to feel the slow burn in my heart grow as the the fire flickers to life.


I love the elements.