Growin’ Up

Know what I find weird? Adult chores. Don’t get all excited, this isn’t some sort of raunchy way to get work done. I’m talking about those chores you didn’t even realize someone had to do until you were an adult and no one did them for you.

Now obviously, you get slowly introduced to some of these things as you grow up. Cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway. Things of this nature you find out about early enough, usually because your parents make you participate. It’s partly giving them less to do, partly “Character Building”.

The weird chores I’m talking about are like subsets of chores or portions of chores that you just never realized required attention. I’m sure we all know that someone has to go get the groceries, and there are no grocery gnomes to go shopping for you over night. I wish there were, because those little bastards would save me SO much trouble. The thing you might not realize at a younger age is that someone also has to DECIDE what to buy at the store. You have to pay attention to how much you’re getting, how much it costs, what meals you can use it for. Another thing is mowing the lawn. Sure we know that someone has to go out and actually start the mower and move over the grass, but there are other little tasks that require your attention. Make sure you have gas, make sure there’s oil, make sure the blade is sharp, make sure the grass can be mulched and doesn’t need bagged or raked.These are the responsibilities that really put a damper on the whole “I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want” thing.

I think the thing that really gets to me is that there isn’t really anywhere to get this info. Some people might learn more about mowing, for example because they live on a farm or whoever mows their lawn is very particular and teaches you more than the average parent. It’s almost like there should be some post-graduate high school classes on useful information that you might need as an adult. Little stuff like “make sure you use fabric softener either in liquid or dryer sheet form(but not both) if you don’t want t-shirts made of thin cardboard.”

Eh, I’m probably over thinking it. I just had to get my mower blade sharpened today, and I was musing on how it’s not something I’d ever thought of doing before.

English: Reel lawn mower

English: Reel lawn mower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are the little things that get you?