Music Man

Sometimes it’s the music.

Sometimes the music is what perfectly crystallizes your thoughts in to cohesive form. It can be difficult to isolate some of your feelings. Lots on information can sort of swirl together to create big cloud of confusion. You aren’t really sure what you’re feeling and thinking. That’s where the music comes in.

Music is verbal emotion blended with an embodiment of emotion. It’s pulses and thinks and feels like it’s own person. Of course, each piece of music has it’s own personality, that doesn’t change much from playthrough to playthrough. That’s what music is.

That’s part of why it speaks to us on that primal level that we can’t always identify. That’s why we have such strong emotions about it. That’s why we can’t always articulate our feelings or opinions about it.

Music digs within us and accesses a part of our being that we aren’t able to get to ourselves. We can’t talk about it or process some of those thoughts and emotions. It gets down to the part of us that just is.

That’s why sometimes it’s the music that suddenly seems to say what we couldn’t. It speaks to the world what we weren’t able to understand. It does it without our understanding or consent. That’s precisely why it’s so magical.

new age 296

new age 296 (Photo credit: abcdlish)

My Whimsy

I’m feeling exceptionally whimsical today.

Felt food Easter cookies

Felt food Easter cookies (Photo credit: ivers)

Don’t have a panic attack I’m not going to go into my deep person feelings about why I’m whimsical. I just got to thinking about what a weird concept ‘whimsy’ is once you get to be an adult.


  1. whim·sy


    1. Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor.
    2. A whim.
    whim – caprice – fancy – vagary – fad – whimsey


As a kid, whimsy is practically the default setting. Everything gets approached as new, fun or a game. Things aren’t thought out. Everything happens very spur of the moment as a child.

I love this feeling. As a child, you do what you want when you want. Within the rules of course. It’s a very free feeling. Kids do need and appreciate some structure, and I get that. Daydreaming and being spontaneous are the beauty of childhood though.

That all tends to go away as an adult. Everything is scheduled for you. All of your time is no longer your own. Daydreaming and spontaneous action is usually considered immature.

I love feeling playful and spontaneous, wild and fun. I love to daydream and do weird or silly things just for fun. That’s probably why I seem so at home in Toys R Us. I don’t really care.

So is anyone else feeling exceptionally whimsical today? Maybe you should be!