Ink (In Which I Appreciate Art)

I wrote about Calvin an Hobbes not too long ago.

I rekindled my own love of that crazy kid and his lovable tiger. I have to insist that if you have never read any Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, you go find some and read them. For most people, not only will you be entertained, but also your mind will = BLOWN.

Bill Watterson manages to create an endearing child full of all the exuberance and innocence that we all experienced at some point. His best friend is a stuffed tiger that becomes real when no one else is around. While Calvin embodies impulsiveness and childlike wonderment, Hobbes is a realist with teenage-like knowledge and worldviews.

They are a spectacular pair that can boil nearly any issue down to two opposing viewpoints that encompass the bulk of opinions. Wonderful commentary illustrated in an almost watercolor and ink fashion that only enhances the presentation of concepts.

Bill Watterson is a genius. That’s why I’m considering Calvin and Hobbes if I ever get another tattoo.

Strange? A bit. Do I care? Not in the slightest.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a boy and his tiger to spend some time with.


Sad Panda (In Which I Am Not As Sad As I Sound)

Apparently, based on my previous post, as well as my lack of responsiveness during the day today, that I sounded sad. I didn’t mean to sound sad. I’m sorry all. I am sad that you thought I sounded sad.

Now, I will no longer be sad.

My recent inclusion of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, by Bill Watterson, has reminded me how much I truly LOVE Calvin and his very real tiger, Hobbes.

If you have read Calvin and Hobbes, skip to the next paragraph(or keep reading, fine with me). For those of you that haven’t, the premise of the strip is that  6 year Calvin acquires a real tiger names Hobbes, that appears as a small stuffed tiger to everyone else. The catch is, some of the things that Hobbes does, couldn’t be accomplished by Calvin alone if he were just pretending his stuffed tiger were real.

Anyway, I love that kid and his tiger. I can’t lie, I’ve got a soft spot for tigers and anthropomorphic animals in general. Sometimes I think the animals bring a little something special to the table.

Alright, not really sure where I was going with this, but I’m content just lauding the merits of a great comic strip. If you haven’t read any Calvin and Hobbes, I strongly suggest you find some to read.

Do it right now.