I’ve been hiding, I know.

Sorry that I’ve been hiding from you all.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit busy and sporadic with my posts. I’m sure no one is all that upset. I do feel a little bad, however.

I really try not to just write and wait for people to stop by. I try to be friendly and read as well as write. I love getting comments and having conversations and I’m sure you all do too. I really try to read a lot of what people post and I make an effort to comment when I have something to say. I have really been slacking on the reading part.

I have not been taking much time to read what you lovely people have written recently. For that I am sorry. I don’t want to be a blog-vampire. All taking and no giving. That is definitely not my intent.

I don’t want to make any excuses, but if you want a reason it’s simply because I have been busy. I haven’t taken the time out of my busy-ness to do much reading. I hope to be able to do better in the coming weeks. Work tends to get crazy this time of year, which means home gets crazy as well. So no promises, but I will make an effort.

On that note, I’m going to finish a couple things, and then go to bed early since I now have to go in to work tomorrow.

What up Shorty?

I already apologize for that title. It was a mistake and I knew it when I typed it.

Film poster for Office Space - Copyright 1999,...

Film poster for Office Space – Copyright 1999, 20th Century Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I so titled this impressive piece of prose because there isn’t going to be much of it and I wanted to make a non-specific short joke. Might be a failure. On a positive note, at least I’m going down in a Blaze of Glory!

Alright, not really that impressive.

I’ll tell you what, I had a serious Office Space kind of day. I had a case of the Mondays, there was a PC Load Letter issue, and there were some Jump to Conclusions level interactions. Let’s just say that I’m already not looking forward to Tuesday. I should just take my Initech mug to work tomorrow and walk around telling everyone that I need them to come in on Saturday. I could also call it Caturday and really confuse everyone. I think this may be what I do tomorrow now.

If the¬†aforementioned¬†Caturday-ing happens, there will probably be a photo. I’m not promising anything. Alright, all these obvious Office Space references have cheered me up a little, I’m going to go melt my brain in front of a Television for a bit.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! (In Which I Dread Monday)

I always assumed than my immense dread of Monday mornings stemmed from my lack of desire to have anything to do with school. I never wanted to go to school, I never wanted to be at school, I never wanted to do schoolwork, and my homework was never done. The homework not being done may have also had some small part in the lack of desire to show up on Monday.

I’ve come to realize that this previous assumption may have, in fact, been incorrect. I have the same dread of Mondays that I’ve always had. It seems now I dislike realizing that there will be very little free time for the next 5 days.

The flaw in this plan is that, apparently, since everyone basically works the same schedule, they want to plan other things for the weekends. These other things usually involve time and effort. This occasionally makes weekend days feel just as busy as the week. This seems to counteract my previous theorem of ‘Monday through Friday= BAD, Saturday/Sunday Good’. It’s beginning to seem slightly less one-dimensional.

In honor of the forthcoming ‘Monday, Day of Evil’ Ifeel like trying to cheer all of us up. I will do so with a funny couple of pictures.

Seen Office Space?

This is what really happens at work on Mondays:

Not mine, it's from ebaumsworld.com

THIS is what I like to pretend is happening:

Also not mine, from icanhazcheezburger.com

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays… It’s me.