Oh Ashland.

My friend says I’m supposed to write more posts with concrete examples.


Concrete (Photo credit: net_efekt)

Oh. I bet she meant examples of what I’m talking about that anchor you in what I’m talking about. That was just an example of concrete.

She suggested a ‘Favorite place from our college campus post.” She generally knows what the hell she’s talking about, so here we go:

The A & H building:  Arts & Humanities. I ended up spending a lot of time there my last 2 years and it kind of grew on me. The hallways were usually clean, but there were a lot of art studios in there and they were always dirty. It was great. Certain portions of the hallways were sectioned off. They were for the Music classrooms, or the the drama studios. All the art studios were on the top floor, or the basement.

You walked in an unassuming doorway and a huge expansive room was hidden behind it. It would be filled with paints, easels, chalk, conte crayons, charcoal, and paper. Maybe it would be filled with printing presses and big glass worktables for inking press plates. Maybe it would have kilns and pottery wheels, and big mechanical clay mixers. Could be a corner for welding or lots of wood working tools. Every studio was like a separate, themed world in a video game. It was always so cool.

That was where I spent my class days. When I was going to learn how to be an artist. I always learned how to be an artist, but I can’t say I learned much about how to make art. Of course, learning the how to be and and not the how to do isn’t uncommon for me.

Quarry Street:  The best off campus party house that ever existed. Ashland University is/was a dry campus. Alcohol was not permitted on campus. So we went off campus to enjoy adult beverages.  This house was a couple blocks away from campus. Close enough to walk, even in crappy weather. It got even closer when some of those adult beverages impeded your perception of time. It was positioned on a cross street that was just one block long. It sat in between 2 funeral homes and a public library. There was no one to complain about the noise. You should ask that same friend about the time she went ass first into a pile of snow walking home with some impeded motor skills.

My Room:  I absolutely loved my room in the fraternity hose. It was a double room that wasn’t big enough for 2 people so I bought it out. I had a dead bolt on my door and a mini-fridge. I had a built in loft for my bed and a futon for a couch. I could sit in my room, with my music on and just be. It was absolutely glorious. That room is what I miss about college. I had a private space that I left open most of the time. I could stick my head out the door and yell for just about anyone I wanted to see. You never had to look for people to do something with, just walk down the hall.


Those are my places from college.

What about you?