Creative Slump

I’m in a bit of a creative slump.

English: Modeling a volcano in Blender 3D.

English: Modeling a volcano in Blender 3D. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t had anything I’ve really been excited about working on in quite some time. Nothing has really been jumping out at me as anything that needs said/drawn/created. That tends to make me a little sad.

I kinda get in a funk about stuff. When I don’t have that interest in something or that drive to create, I feel like a sad kid sitting at the dinner table, staring at a plate full of vegetables.

Brain: It’s okay, I know you aren’t really hungry, but try your vegetables. I even cooked them with butter this time.

Non-Creative Self: I could I guess.(pokes at peas with fork. Rolls one from left to right and back again) I don’t really want them. Or anything else. I guess I’ll just sit here a while longer

Brain: Do you want me to make you other food?

Self: Don’t bother, I probably just won’t want to eat that either.


Okay, so the food analogy didn’t really work. Let’s just try again with creative stuff.

Brain: You maybe want to draw tonight?

Self: No. Not really. I don’t know what to draw. Besides, I’m not really that good a t drawing.

Brain: Okay, that’s cool. What about Photoshop? Or Blender! We could do some 3D modeling! That’s fun you like that!

Self: I guess. I need to relearn all the controls though. That would make the fun have to wait a while.

Brain: Um, alright. What about writing? Want to work on a story?

Self: Not really. I think I’ll just sit here and stare at the TV.

Brain: Are you sure? You usually don’t like to do that all the time.

Self: I guess I’m sure. I don’t know. I don’t care.


Yes these are things that happen inside my head. It just makes it more aggravating when I go to write a post here as well, because I know I’ll enjoy writing it, if I can just get moving on it.

Maybe I need to pick one thing, and make myself do that for a little bit everyday too. It’s been working really well for the writing, just not giving myself an option, and knowing that the act of writing is the reward at the moment. Now the question becomes: What do I focus on? What do I get the most personal satisfaction out of just doing?

I know these aren’t things I expect you guys to know. I’m not pushing the onus for answers on you guys. I get my best answers by thinking out loud, so I’m just kind of putting this all out there. Opinions are appreciated though.

Internet! Forever…

I was pondering today while I was bored, and I noticed that I have some odd internet habits.

Don’t get all excited, they aren’t that weird, and I bet if you stop and think about it, you do some strange things while you sit there with the browser open as well.

I suppose first it should be pointed out that I’ve been told I have a problem. I refuse to believe this. Since the advent of web browsers with multiples tabs available, I tend to have a couple more than necessary open at any given time. I say a couple, my ever-tolerant Wife says 15. I suppose I’ll leave it up to you to decide if my average of 24 tabs open at one time is a couple or 15 more than necessary.

Regardless, I tend to leave things open on these tabs like internet forums, and blogs. Things where new information could show up at anytime, without automatically informing me that there are things I could be reading about. They are usually about electronics, or sports. So my strangest habit is where I will routinely bounce between about 4 tabs, just refreshing each one to see if there’s anything new there. I probably do this every 5 to 10 minutes.
These sites only tend to update about once every hour or so. Granted, the forums are a lot more unpredictable because they rely on user contributions, but the point is the same. I can do this refreshing for several hours before I realize I’ve been looking at the same crap over and over again for all that time. How insane is that?

Actually, that sounds like… ‘The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over, but expecting to get different results’. Hmmm… Interesting. Does that make me insane by most people’s definition? I already suspect I’m slightly unhinged.

What about you? Are you one of those people that clicks around the same couple of people’s profiles on Facebook every 10 minutes wondering if anything new has shown up? Kind of weird for both of us if you stop and think about it.


P.S. if you don’t know where the title of this post came from, read this. Warning! Language not necessarily safe for all age groups, but I didn’t write it, so don’t yell at me. Although, it’s pretty much describes me too…