History (In Which I Like Old Stuff)

While flipping through channels, I came across a show exploring medieval catholic churches.

That got me thinking about my old art history classes. I took 2 basic art history classes as well as a Renaissance art history class. I found them very interesting.

It also got me wishing that maybe I should have made art history my major. I’m sure it wouldn’t make it any easier to get a job, but it’s right up my alley, skill-wise. I excel at very few things. Things I do excel at include but are not limited to: remembering lists of facts, attention to detail, and learning when presented with verbal and visual instruction. If that doesn’t sound like the job description of something I could do with a degree in art history, then I don’t know what does.

In fact, I like old art way better than modern art. There is a lot of stuff that was made from the ’60s until now that I just find pointless in the way of art. I prefer the representational and the detailed. I enjoy the harsh lighting of the baroque, and the religious significance of the Renaissance. I can’t get enough of the attention to detail and skill present in the Dutch Renaissance masters.

I enjoy what can be done with computers that could never be done before, but abstract modern art doesn’t hit home for me. Neither does politically charged art. Surprisingly, I have a very strong fondness for street art and graffiti. I tend to enjoy text and so artistic representation of text is awesome. I could take or leave the fact that it’s usually done illegally.

Regardless, I should have taken more art history classes. Just because they are interesting. Maybe, just maybe, I still will.