Listen Here Whippersnapper!

I’m totally starting to look old.

World Beard and Moustache Championship - Rolan...

World Beard and Moustache Championship – Roland van Den Bremt (Photo credit: zieak)

I’m really not THAT old, even though most of the people I work with are waaaaayyyyy younger than me and I feel old. I just noticed the other day that my age is actually starting to catch up with me, and I look like my age. It really isn’t all that bad though.

I have a big forehead. Based on my immediate male family members, I’m lucky to have made it past 21 with any semblance of hair on my head. I do have a couple spots that it’s thinning in the corners though. What really starts to make me look older though, are the interspersed grey hairs on the sides of my head. I have decently dark brown hair, so they aren’t immediately noticeable. In fact, for a pretty long time I thought they were just some blonde hairs sneaking their way back in, since my hair was really light when I was younger. If I really look, totally not blonde. Just some grey.

As for my face, I’ve always had relatively deep set eyes, and a decent set of bags under them. That coupled with other assorted eye wrinkles means I don’t typically fall into the category of “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.” At least they still sparkle, and they get very blue when I’m outside on a clear day.

I also typically favor a beard. I must have some sort of chin covering of some sort lest I look EXACTLY like my father. I love my Padre, but I don’t need to look just like him everyday. Special occasions only. Having a full beard doesn’t exactly take any years off the look though. It isn’t an exceptionally popular look with my age group and cultural set. That’s cool, I look pretty freakin’ sweet, so I’ll be a rebel. There’s a big caveat here though; Once you start getting grey beard hairs,(like I found yesterday) the amount a full beard ages you goes up exponentially for every grey hair. I’m gonna look like Santa if I go too grey to quickly.

Regardless, age is just a number and all that. This isn’t meant to be a complaint, or even a wistful look back on those times I looked younger. I just noticed a grey beard hair and thought I was starting to actually look a bit older. I’m not all that worried about it actually. I’m going to be the same person no matter how old I look. Grey hair, no hair, wrinkles, or Santa beard, I’m still me.

Do you look your age? Do you look like life has aged you ahead of your time? or do you, like The Wife frequently still get mistaken for a high-schooler when you wear t-shirts from your place of employment? (She’s a teacher. God bless her)



So I swear, I’m not ignoring my story. In the works.

Anyway, I was noticing today that the seasons (I use that description loosely here in Ohio) mean different things as your circumstances change in life. I’m sure this is obvious to some people, and will be more obvious to others once it’s been pointed out, but I just noticed.

When I was young-ish, spring meant it was getting warmer out, which in turn meant summer was on the way. That meant summer vacation and all the fun that comes from summer vacation!

When I was a teenager, the impending summer vacation meant freedom from school, but that all came tainted with a mandatory vacation with MY PARENTS! The horror! It also usually meant I would be increasing the hours that I spent as a foodstuff transportation engineer (fancy talk for bagger at the grocery store).

In college it meant that I had to move back in with my parents, sacrificing all that glorious freedom I had just become accustomed to.

Now, as an adult (technically), spring means the warming of weather and the melting of snow. Cool mornings with the promise of warm afternoons. The grass starts to grow again, and I never can find the right time to mow it because it’s either not long enough, or too wet to mow. Open windows and cool breezes.

It isn’t just that things feel fresh and new, which they do, but it really feels like the year is beginning. January is nice, and it feels clean with it’s crisp days and bright sunlight, but the new year doesn’t really feel like it begins until you can enjoy moving around outside in the world.

Alright enough happy sunshiny crap, time to focus on baseball and the inevitable stress related illnesses and disappointments that are sure to follow. Roll Tribe!