(blink blink)

Well hello there.

Long time no see. How’s it going over there? How were your holidays? Anything I need to know about you for the New Year?

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

So let’s start here: Sorry about the absence. That was unplanned. I know that people frequently take time off from blogs this time of year. I made no plans one way or another.  the not writing just kind of happened. 

The Wife and I had a busy holiday season, as I’m sure lots of other people did. We were also honored to participate in a wedding the weekend between the two holidays. It has all been a bit of a whirlwind. 

Last night was the first time I felt like I had any time to even think about writing here. So if I shocked anyone by taking a ‘Holiday Hiatus’ I apologize. It was definitely unplanned.

I will admit that it was nice though. Not because writing had really been a problem or a chore, but because of all the craziness. Now that the New Year has started, things feel a little more relaxed. I feel a little more free to let thoughts percolate.

I know the New Year is a time for big plans and resolutions. It’s a time to reflect on what has been and what could yet come to be. I may do a reflection post, but I don’t think I will be making a ‘big plans’ kind of post. I think it would be best for me to focus on refining my everyday goals. 

I think that what would do me the most good, would be work on being more who I want to be everyday. I’m not setting big long-term goals, I’m just setting daily goals. If I don’t meet them, I’ll just try again tomorrow. I’m thinking I might not even tell anyone what those daily goals are. Not because I don’t want to be accountable, but because I just want to think for me, and work at being the best me.

Happy New Year to all of you. I do plan on being back to a post once a day, but that’s not a new goal, just a continuation of the previous one.


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