The truth shall set you free

They say that the truth shall set you free.

I’m not sure about that. I’ve been thinking about the difference between Truth, Facts, and Reality. It’s kind of interesting actually.

Some people believe that the Truth is infallible. Truth being defined as what is, what exists without question. I don’t think this is necessarily the case.

I think that when you’re talking about what is indisputable, it would be more accurate to talk about Facts and what is factual. Facts are the only thing that can’t be disputed. they are pieces of information that are accurate. They are Factual.

Bear Facts (film)

Bear Facts (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reality also isn’t as definitive as we sometimes assume. People live in their own reality. It’s real and honest to them, but it may not be that way to other people. So it isn’t something we can say is factual.

I think the trickiest thing here is Truth. I think it’s possible to have a Truth that isn’t factual. You can’t know that though. If you exist and believe in a place that you understand to be honest and factual, that is your Truth. You see no problems with the validity of this. It’s possible to be missing some of the Facts though. This could cause your Truth to not be factual.

I know that  it’s mostly all semantics, but it was just something interesting that was bouncing around my head. We use some of these words to all mean indisputable, but in actuality, Reality can be altered, and Truth can be uninformed.

Just something to ponder.


4 thoughts on “The truth shall set you free

  1. I read somewhere that a true truth was one that its opposite wasn’t false, but true as well.
    Semantics it may be, but it reflects how we think. That is one of the more amazing things about language; words that are similar, but different.

    • Of course, the usage of words varies from culture to culture and time period to time period.
      All those words could mean something completely different in 10 years. I just think it’s interesting how we pursue ‘Truth’ and it may not be hat we really want. We wants accurate facts. The distinction is relatively minor, though.

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