It’s time.

Cover of "Christmas Eve and Other Stories...

Cover of Christmas Eve and Other Stories

It’s now time.

It is after Thanksgiving. Christmas isn’t far off. It’s time. Time for Christmas music.

Not just any Christmas music, but the best Christmas music ever played. Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I am particular about my Christmas music. Rule number one is: No Christmas Music before Thanksgiving. Our consumer culture pushes us from one holiday to the next too quickly as it is. I think we ought to embrace and celebrate the season we’re in, instead of hurrying along to the next one. So I say, no Christmas sales, decorations, or music until after Thanksgiving.

I also usually like slightly no traditional Christmas music. As much as I enjoy the season, the music can get a little repetitive. It usually ends up being the same 10 songs sung by about 20 different people. That’s it. Half those people sound just like someone else anyway.

My music of choice is is Trans-Siberian Orchestra, or TSO. It blends Heavy Metal musical styling with the technical precision and arrangements of classical music. Some of the arrangements of traditional Christmas music are even different enough to keep them separate from whatever the rest of the radio stations are playing.

The first album they released, Christmas Eve and Other Stories, is a bit of a Rock Opera. there is a cohesive story from the first song to the last. The other two Christmas albums, The Christmas Attic and The Lost Christmas Eve also have stories, though they are a little less straightforward. They do have two non-Christmas albums as well, Beethoven’s Last Night and Night Castle, both of which are also excellent, if not specifically for the holidays.

If you haven’t heard of them before, or know who they are but never checked them out before, I highly recommend them. I will caution you that there are screaming guitars and powerful drums.

If those things don’t bother you then go ahead! Find the best Christmas music you’ll ever listen to! In my opinion anyway.


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