I have made a discovery.

I just found the television show ‘Chuck‘ on Netflix. I have seen ‘Chuck’ before. I am familiar with it. I was, however, unaware that it was on Netflix.

English: Logo from the NBC television program ...

English: Logo from the NBC television program Chuck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I have been missing out. I love that show. Something about a nerd being important. Something about the nerd getting the girl…sort of.

It’s Friday, and that’s a day I should be writing. I suppose I am here and writing, but I’m about to take off. I’m going to go melt into a puddle of person shaped goo on the couch and binge-watch more ‘Chuck’.

In complete good conscience, I can only recommend that you do the same.

10 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. I would love to wedge myself into a comfortable corner of the sofa and binge on Supernatural tomorrow, but sadly I have other work and my NaNoWriMo to do 😦 Wednesday afternoons are typically my “slouch on the sofa and watch TV” days because I get home at lunch and have the house to myself for at least three hours 🙂

    • Firstly, NaNoWriMo isn’t sad, it’s fun!
      I wish I had some more time in the middle of the week. Wednesday afternoons would be perfect actually. I feel like sometimes the weekends get wasted because I either spend the whole thing recovering from a rough week, or it’s full too and I’m disappointed in no recovery time.
      The world is too busy I say! Not enough opportunities for the thinkers and dreamers.

      • My only day where I’m not doing anything at all is a Sunday and I get the same thing – I either feel like I’ve wasted it by doing nothing, or I get disappointed that I haven’t had a break when I DO do something.
        I couldn’t agree with you more.

      • I agree, to a certain extent. We need doers as well as thinkers, but I think the day-dreaming and wondering is left to a select group of people whose job it is to day-dream and wonder, like writers. But I definitely think everyone should get the opportunity to take some time out and explore or just do nothing and THINK.

      • I think we’ve filled our time with so much stuff that we can’t have everyday people having those ‘Eureka’ moments. I think we should never have said only these people get paid to daydream.

      • Yeah, one could argue the world’s become too materialistic and not concerned with the simple things like appreciating nature or exploring different countries just because you want to.

      • I think the push at a national level to be bigger and better hasn’t left time. Used to be that politicians were everyday people and philosophers held more power than a king. Now it’s just who has the most money.

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