Uphill Both Ways

Sometimes yo just never get to the top of the hill.

English: Footpath junction on bridleway in Div...

English: Footpath junction on bridleway in Divan Wood The bridleway leads to Gravel Hill road, from Kettle Hill Road. The footpath goes uphill through the wood to Stalisfield Road, near Valley Farm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes everyday feels like a struggle. You just keep trudging up the hill. At first you didn’t mind, this hill just happened to be in the way of where you were going.

‘No one is going to stop me from getting where I want to go!’ you thought to yourself. You packed a bag of supplies and figured it would all be over by nightfall.

It wasn’t over. Every corner you turned led to a new bit of road going up the hill. Sometimes it was easier, there might be stairs cut into the hillside. Sometimes it was harder. The path was narrow and uneven and the gravel made it hard to keep your footing. You just kept slipping back down.

Then night came. You were forced to spend the night huddling under a cloak by a tree. It was cold and wet and dangerous. A fire was out of the question

The next morning the sun rose. It brought warmth and hope with it. Everything seemed to be looking up. There was still a lot of hill in front of you though. So you kept climbing. There were more stairs and more gravel paths. It never seemed to end. Night was coming again.

You had to spend another night on that hillside, wondering when you would ever get to the top. ‘It must be soon, the hill never looked that big when I started.’

The sun rose again. The same heat and hope warmed you again. There was still hill. That’s where you are now.

Now, after days of thinking it would be over any moment, there is still no sign of the top. Every corner is filled with potholes to turn an ankle in. every small path is frought with danger and frustration. Night comes again.

There is nothing but the growing darkness. The cold ink that follows the sweet dusk. Every morning has brought sweet sunlight and hope.

Tomorrow will surely bring the light, but will the hope still follow?


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