Posting Blues

I’m disappointed y’all.

Disappointed in the sun.

Disappointed in the sun. (Photo credit: piermario)

I know that I’ve been posting every weekday like I want to. I’m meeting that goal. I don’t think that what I’m posting is up to snuff.

I’m not exactly writing world-changing posts here. The trouble is, my brain thinks in huge, over-arching, world-changing ways. I’d frustrating to know that I’m not properly communicating that through what I’m posting.

I think a big part of that is that I’m not able to post until the evening. I’m usually winding down by the time I’m able to post and that means that the ideas aren’t flowing as freely. IT’s a struggle to even write something one a topic I’m interested in some nights.

That’s pretty disappointing too. I know I’m capable of better. I know that people don’t stop by as often when I’m throwing slapdash shit against the wall to see what sticks. I know that more people are interested when I’m able to really get the crazy-ball rolling in the morning.

So all of that is combining to make me a little blue about posting. I still really want to, and I plan on keeping up with it. I just thought I’d share how it was feeling recently. Maybe I’ll be able to shoehorn some time in there to get writing in the morning. Maybe. Don’t want to start too early or you’ll just get incoherent mumbling about how I ought to be able to sleep later.

Here’s hoping it can be an upswing.

8 thoughts on “Posting Blues

  1. Maybe it helps to not post daily -for me it helps. There’s perhaps a limit to inspiration? When you can throw yourself into a post twice a week, perhaps you will find yourself writing better stuff that satisfies you more.

    • It might help. I am not sure I would keep a schedule like that. I might find reasons to continually delay posts. I might try though if I continue to be unable to post in the morning.

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