Long Weekend

It’s going to be a long weekend.

Weekend at Work 2013-07-27/28 14

Weekend at Work 2013-07-27/28 14 (Photo credit: MTAPhotos)

I have to work a long shift tomorrow, and there’s a work meeting Sunday. There’s also no HandEgg this weekend. None of my teams play anyway.

What happened to the time when the weekends were when people had fun? Now we fill them up with all the responsibilities that we can’t meet during the week. We have to work extra because apparently the world would stop turning if we had time off.

as a society we have turned our lives into 24 hour a day, 7 days a week action. Whether it’s our internet based news cycle, our instant gratification consumerism, or our quest after the almighty dollar, we have slowly forced things into even our quiet time. We have to schedule our relaxation time now.

People say ‘make sure you take time for yourself.’ It shouldn’t be something that one has to consciously do. We ought to be free enough to take a walk when we want to, or stop to look at the sky without being accused of daydreaming.

It’s all quite disheartening.


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