I love Halloween.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like all the things that are typically associated with Halloween. Always have. I even like most of them when it’s not Halloween season.

I’m not a big decorator for Halloween, and we haven’t even been in town to hand out candy for trick-or-treat the last few years. That doesn’t change how I feel about the holiday though.

I love all of the stories and music and artwork that show up this time of year. I like the horror theme that pervades everything. I like costumes.

I find all of it to be a lot of fun. I tend to be a big kid most of the time, so I don’t find my enjoyment of the holiday to be surprising.

I’ve also always had a bit of a morbid sensibility when it comes to a lot of my tastes, so that’s not really a surprise either. It’s the things that have sinister undertones, or a plot twist that leave you feeling uncomfortable that I enjoy the most. The things that aren’t so obvious.

Well I’m just enjoying all of the the media for Halloween, and I think I’m going to go find some more to absorb. I hope you can enjoy the holiday, whether that means getting excited, or hiding in a corner until it all goes away.

Happy All Hallow’s Eve everyone! Mwahahahahahahaha


Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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