Moth to flame

My attention is all over the place right at the moment.

I am a fluttering moth in a chamber filled to bursting with glass-covered flames. Everywhere I turn I see another spectacle of heat and light dancing as if the music would never stop.

I flit from one to the next never getting to touch it. I can only see, be intrigued, then bounce off the glass.

Every barrier averts my attention to the next flickering fire faerie. Every flame captivates my whole attention and consumes me. Every moment completely focused until I move along.

Maybe soon I might alight. Maybe I’ll be able to perch and stare into that softly bouncing light. I won’t ram my body against the glass cage it’s housed in. Maybe soon.

Until then I will just continue to flutter and flit through the flicker and fire.


Flame (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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