I bought it, I want it

I think I should get multiple versions of things I buy.

I know I might be being a little greedy here, but I’m not a fan of buying the same thing multiple times. this applies to all sorts of things. Books, Movies, Music, Games. When I buy something, I really would prefer it to be available to me in any format that it’s available. If I bought it for my computer, I would really like to also have access to the mobile game. If I buy the DVD, I should get a digital copy too.

Some companies do this, and I appreciate it. I find myself getting more and more frustrated when it doesn’t happen.I understand why someone might want me to pay for a book and then pay separately for the e-book version. Two different sets of benefits and detriments involved, so it’s almost as if their different items. I get it. Doesn’t mean that I want it any less.

As it stands, every media purchase becomes a serious decision. Which version do I buy? Is one less costly? Does one come with extra stuff? Which place might I be most likely to use this the most often. It’s crap.

Speaking of crap, exclusive content. Target does it with songs on CDs. iTunes does it with songs. Video game publishers do it with pre-order bonuses. Again, I call bullshit. It’s one thing to have tracks that are included when you purchases something from a certain place, or offer special content when a game is pre-ordered, but most of these bonuses are unavailable elsewhere. So you’re telling me that to get all the possible content, I have to buy the item I want more than once? How is this fair?

The video game ‘Borderlands 2‘ Did pre-order content right. They offered extra content for people who pre-ordered. Then after the game was released, they soon made the pre-order content available to everyone. As DLC that costs money. I’m fine with this arrangement. I can still get the extra thing, even if I have to pay extra for them. Some people didn’t have to pay extra because they committed to purchasing a game before it was released. This seems fair.

Borderlands (video game)

Borderlands (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The same goes for console exclusive games. I own a machine that plays video games. I own several. Why can I not play games that exist? Why should I have to buy a special handheld/console for maybe one game I’m interested in? I don’t have that kind of extra cash.

Ok, I’m done venting. I promise. I jut got a little testy while seeing some new things coming out soon.


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