Brains are Weird

Don’t deny it. Your brain is totally weird too.

Remember the other day, when I was talking about my creative slump? I mentioned that when I get busy is when I tend to be less creative and also less motivated. This has continued.

I sat down to write this morning, and I noticed that I’m not just out of ideas. It’s like my brain shuts down non-essential functions to save strength for the coming apocalypse of responsibility. When I am not actively thinking about something right now, my brain is an empty room. I’m not upset, or stressed, or bored. My brain is straight up empty.

storage unit

storage unit (Photo credit: hey skinny)

I’ve felt like I was empty of ideas or inspiration before, and this is different. When you are looking for a flash of inspiration, it’s like you’re digging through a box of junk in the attic/basement/garage. You know what you’re looking for is in there someplace, along with a bunch of crap you don’t need and never use but refuse to get rid of. You have a goal, and you’re reasonably certain about how to attain the aforementioned goal. Just keep looking through the box until you find it.

When I’m experiencing this level of low brain activity, it’s completely different. It’s like I don’t have an attic/basement/garage, a box or any stuff. I don’t know what I’m looking for, and I don’t have anything to look through anyway. So instead of mentally wandering into the storage space and taking some time to rummage around, I get tot the storage space and flip on the light, and there’s nothing. Then I forget why I went there in the first place. So I “Hmmph,” shut the light off and go sit down and wait for something to happen.

It’s an odd sensation to feel like you aren’t thinking anything. It results in a sort of detached feeling, similar to the time I talked about feeling like I was thinking at a different pace than I was existing. Not exactly the same though. It also can result in feeling anxious. When nothing is happening, and it’s like you’re preparing for something to happen, the waiting can cause some anxiety.

We’ll just have to see if it keeps up I suppose.

12 thoughts on “Brains are Weird

  1. Do you take time to relax? Do you have an activity that lets you just forget about everything temporarily and just chill? Like sometimes I grab a hot chocolate and watch some Supernatural, or write. Perhaps if you take some time to relax and let everything go (even for just a short while) then your head will kick back into action. It just sounds like you’re kinda stressed out, really. Perhaps your mind’s taking a break before it reloads with new ideas – that’s what happens to me sometimes.

    • I probably don’t take anywhere near enough time. Likely because of how long it takes me to ease into and out of things. I end up feeling like I don’t have time to relax, because it would take too long to get relaxed. So I don’t bother.
      I did start watching supernatural though.

  2. OH MY GOSH YES WHAT DID YOU THINK??!?! And you really do need to take time out to relax, because otherwise you’ll get stressed beyond belief and this ‘brain slump’ thing will be a regular occurrence. Perhaps you can watch (American) football to relax? Or listen to music and read or something?

    • So far so good. I just need to see if I can stay on pace before I get busy and forget to watch it. Haha.
      I do a lot of those things, but I never really get relaxed. It’s sometimes like it’s one more thing to do, or something to get excited about instead. I need to find something that lets me wind down. I’m generally pretty high strung. I’m also lazy, which is a pretty strange combination.

  3. Baths are magical. Just saying. I know some people see it as a ‘woman’s thing’ but honestly, baths let you relax SO MUCH. Do you watch Friends? Have you seen the episode where Chandler tries one of Monica’s baths and LOVES IT?? Have a bath. With bubbles. And just lay there and close your eyes.
    It’s amazing.

  4. Omg his baths pics are the highlight of my life. But honestly, hot water and bubbles are the best thing in the world.

  5. I just wonder what would happen if he accidentally dropped his phone. I mean, that must be a hazard, right? Who knows how many phones he’s gotten through.
    And I think you should have a bath. Tonight.

  6. Yes 😀 And you must tell me if it works, because you’re the first guy I’ve persuaded to take a relaxing bath. My other friends just don’t believe in the magic.

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